~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


5. Our promise

I woke up but when I look up there wasn’t anyone in the room. I was still in the clothes I wore 2 days ago so I got up and have a quick shower and change. When I look at the clock it was 11am. I was hungry so I head out to the cafeteria.  I didn’t see anyone in my group so I sat alone. Just then I heard a sound on the table so I look up. I saw Niall. He smiled sweetly at me and sat next to me. We shared our lunch and talk about random stuff. He wasn’t a bad boy at all. He kept his promise and is very nice. The bell rang so we separated to go to our own lesson. When I arrived at Ms. Rachel class, everyone was already there. I ignored the faces and glare and took my seat. We learned math, it was one of my favourite lesson so I listened to everything she say. When the class ended I was the first one to get out of my class and went to the next lesson, English. After 3 hours learning English, it ended so I went back to my room. The girls came back too but didn’t say a single word. It was an awkward silent among us until Yen Vy spoke up.

-Kristiana, can you please stop ignoring us? We were really worry when you didn’t come back for the whole night.- Yen Vy

-You guys don’t have to worry about me I’m fine on my own. I’m sorry to get you guys worry.-Kristiana

-We’re sorry too for overreacting but we want to ask you something.- Gorina

-Yes?- Kristiana

-Why did Niall and you hand in hand and you kiss Niall cheeks when you get here?- Aurora

-Cause I have to thank him for something he did for me-kristiana

-Oh ok but Justin was broken hearted when he saw you- Yen Vy

-He did?-Kristiana

-Yea he did, if you haven’t notice he is into you-Aurora

-Wow I didn’t know- Kristiana

-He haven’t talk to any of us since the day you came back with Niall- Gorina

-Let me go and talk to him later, now let ready to eat dinner- Kristiana

Me and the girls sat on our group table and ate dinner. The boys came in later and ate dinner. I had a few glimpse at Justin. He wasn’t eating and he was just playing with his food. I felt extremely guilty. I love him too but this can’t be done. Me and Niall had already have….. I can’t do this Justin. I can’t just watch him like this. I love him. Just as I was thinking he stood up and walks away. I followed him and told the girls I wasn’t feeling hungry. He didn’t go back to his room he went to the garden and sat on the swing looking at the star. I walked closer and sat on te swing next to him. He was the first to spoke.

-Kristiana I need to ask you a question- Justin

-Yes? You can ask me anything- Kristiana

-Do you like Niall?- Justin

-Yes I do but only as a friend why?- Kristiana

-Nothing, I want to tell you something. Long break* I love you and when I see you and niall on that day I was heartbroken.- Justin

-Justin, I love you too. But…- Kristiana

-But what?- Justin

-I can’t-Kristiana

Justin touches Kristiana face and start kissing her. After what seems like forever they stop.

-Have you ever felt that way with anyone?- Justin

-No, not ever. No one but you- Kristiana

-I really love you- Justin

- I love you too but please we can’t be together- Kristiana

-Why?- Justin

-I can’t tell you, if I do you would hate me forever.- Kristiana

-There isn’t anything that can stop me loving you- Justin

-You promise?- Kristiana

-I promise- Justin

-I….I h..ad… sex with …..Nia….iall.-Kristiana

-What? No you must be joking-Justin

-I wish I was Justin.- Kristiana



-I knew it would be like this, I knew you would hate me forever now- Kristiana

-Why? Tell me why you did it?-Justin

-I did it because I was drunk ok? I didn’t know what to do. He was there but when I look at him I think of you. And thinking of you made me do it. I love you so I imagined him as you.-Kristiana

-shh love it ok, I forgive you. Stop crying I’m here.-Justin

-Justin I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.-Kristiana

-It will be fine kristiana as long as you’re with me everything going to be alright- Justin.

-I love you Justin- Kristiana

-I love you too Kristiana- Justin

We shared a passionate kiss before we went back to our rooms. He promise he won’t tell anyone about it and he promise he will be here with me forever if I need him.

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