~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


12. New mystery girl

Justin pov:

It is monday again which mean school. Lazily, I got up and change fast, I went to the cantein to eat breakast alone since my mates is still sleeping. When I finish eating I went to my first lesson which was PSHE. I felt something was wrong but I didn't know what it is. Just then Ms. Rachel walked in follow by a girl who I've never seen before. She look beautiful more than anyone I have ever seen before. There is something about this new girl that just attracts my attention. It felt like love at first sight but I don't think it is since me and Kristiana is a "thing". But sadly I don't think we are recently. Everyone in class also notice the girl and was staring at her. After a few minutes, Ms. Rachel introduced our class new student. Her name is Vannesa. She have black long curly hair and every part of her body is perfect. She isn't too skinny or too fat. I have never met anyone like her. Kristiana maybe pretty and all but Vanessa is way more than pretty. She is beautiful. I was speechless, there is nothing negative about this girl and I just knew it like when she walked in class. Ms. Rachel assigned her to sit next to me which makes the other boys jelous. Which  was extremely funny since she isn't their. After the lesson was over Vanessa introduced herself to me.


-Hello I'm Vanessa! Nice to meet you. -Vanessa

-Hi I'm Justin! Nice to meet you too. -Justin

-Since I'm new here, if you don't mind can you show me around the school?-Vanessa

-Sure no problem. I don't mind-Justin


So I gave her a tour after we collected our stuff. I show her where her room is and everything else. Just when we were walking to the garden, I saw something that broke my heart into pieces. Niall and Kristiana was kissing each other. I didn't know what to do, I was extremely pissed. I can't control my emotion so I stormed right up to them which caused them to stop. I started yelling at them.

-WTF! Kristiana i thought you were better than this. But i guesed you're just a cheater who likes to break other hearts. If you want to play this game then fine. Don't you dare speak to me again!!!

And with that I left.

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