Blood Spill

Pipa is a little bit weird.


1. The Start and the End

Once upon a time, long ago in a world where no one was artistic and everyone was boring and grey, there was a girl named Pipa. Everyone else wore boring clothes and had grey hair while Pipa had bright orange hair like the burning sun. Pipa got tormented by her family and friends because of her unusual hair. Sometimes, when no one was around, Pipa would cry. One day, after severe bullying Pipa wanted to die.

But, Pipa couldn’t go down without a fight. She grabbed a butterfly knife which she had stored under her floor boards and walked to her parent’s room while they were sleeping. She approached them slowly and quietly but in her head she was screaming profanities.

The floor boards creaked and the wind and rain pounded against her parent’s window. Her younger sisters swing creaked and screamed from outside. Her father woke and stared straight at his psychotic daughter.

“What are you doing? Where did you get that knife? Are you crazy? Stop”

He kept asking question after question but Pipa didn’t stop to answer. She just kept walking towards her sleeping mother with a somewhat happy smile on her face. Her father grabbed Pipa’s hand and tried to seize the deadly weapon.

But he failed. And as she thrust the blade into his heart she watched the life drain from his un-suspecting eyes.

Pipa turned towards her mother, fake sadness on her face. Her mother‘s eyes were staring at her deranged daughter.

Her mother started screaming and crying, begging for her useless life.

“Please Pipa, I’ve always loved you. I can change, we can work this out.” Pipa’s knife came closer to the white flesh of her neck.

“You can change?” Pipa whispered in a sweet innocent voice that resembled a small child who was scared and alone. Pipa put the knife against her side and climbed onto the bed and lay next to her father’s corpse.

“Give me the knife, Pipa.” Her mother was on the edge of the bed, as far away as she could get from her daughter. Her hand rested on the landline on the bed side table.

Pipa kneeled by the side of her mother and looked her straight in the eyes.

“No.” She said with an emotionless hard voice. She watched the fear rush into her mother’s eyes before she slashed the neck of the screaming woman.

Pipa started hyperventilating. Not because she was scared, or upset but because she was happy. For once in her life she was proud of what she had done. There was only one more thing to complete the perfect night. She threw the knife into the en-suit and watched her parents blood splatter on the white tiles. She almost ran into the bathroom with excitement.

She bent over and grabbed the knife before rising and watching her facial expression in the mirror as she let the cold metal touch her pulsing neck. For a second her eyes showed a flicker of pain and terror. A tear ran down her cheek because of all the pain she had to deal with during her short life.

But the moment the single tear fell off her check her expression turned cold again, but she was smiling in her mind. It was over, it was finally over. The cold knife danced across her porcelain neck. Her lifeless body descended onto the already growing pool of blood on the floor.


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