Believing In Myself

A song that I wrote on self belief. It might not be that good because it is my first time.


1. Believing In Myself

I believe;

Wars, rape, murder, hate.

Will be gone.

I believe the world will get rid of hate.

That everyone will leave together in peace and harmony.


I believe;

Black and white live together equally in harmony.

I believe in a world with no racism or discrimination.

Where every single person will have the voice;

The voice to speak, A voice that will be heard.


I believe;

In a world full of love and happiness.

Where everyone sings in joy, and skips in harmony.

A world that all beliefs are accepted.


I believe;

A world where everyone holds hands, and love their neighbours peacefully.

A world with no guns,

no blood,

no wars.


But most of all,

I believe in myself.

I believe I can be whatever I want to be;

a doctor, a writer, a singer,  politician, even a guy who one day bans Justin Beiber.

Or even be more powerful then the queen.

I could be in the Simpson book, and tell Bart Simpson to shave Homer butt off.

Or dare the queen to rude nude in the park.

But I don't think she would.


I can do whatever i want,

with hard work and effort.

If I believe,

I can make anything happened.

i don't care what anybody says,

as long as I believe in myself.

You can try and put me low,

But if I believe I can rule the world.


Just believe in yourself.

That's where the magic all begins.




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