On My Way

Shelly is just a regular teen waitress looking for some money. She has an amazing voice that never appears in public because she is so shy. What happens when her favorite boy band helps acheive her dreams of becoming famous? Remember, there are never smooth roads to the land of freedom.


1. The Diner

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* " You're insecure, don't know wha-" *SLAM* "Ugh, morning already?" Shelly said. It was only 6:45 a.m. "At least my favorite boys know how to make my mornings fun." "I only have 30 minutes until I open up the diner. Why does my boss hate me?" "Shelby! Don't forget I have a late shift at the Jenson's! I'll be home later than usual!" "Okay mom!" My househhold contains just my mom and I. Since my abusive father had been arrested 2 years ago after the incident, our lives have been much better on our own for once! Arron, my brother, is always at the college campus studying medical situations and techniques. So since there is practically the two of us in the house most of the time, we thought we should do something more active. Mom and I are always busy since we both work. Speaking of work, I should probably get ready for that. "And remember to lock all doors before going to bed!" "Yes, I know the drill!" (For just in case reasons. Who knows what will happen?) I hopped into the shower and washed my brown, tangled hair quickly for about 15 minutes. I have a uniform for work that includes roller skates, flare jeans, and a plain sky blue shirt. My flat was right next to the diner so I had time so look more presentable. Just a few moments later, and off I went. "Morning Ricky" " Hey Shelly" Ricky is the owner, and usually lets his employees run the place unless he isn't busy, so he just observes and checks the place before he leaves for the hospital to visit his mother who is quite ill actually. "Bye, Shelly!" "See ya later Ricky" I'm now stuck in this hole for about 5 hours. Nobody came yet so I just put on my headphones and sang "Titanium", which by the way was my favorite song. I got really into it and started dancing while mopping. After about 6 minutes of doing what I do best, I turned around to see what I couldn't believe. I instantly stopped, and ran to the red button for emergencies only. If pressed, then it leads to the 911 operator through a speaker below the button. I pressed several times before a voice started. " Hello this is the operator of the Chesterfield Police Station, what is your emergency?" "Hello?! There is a man with a gun running around the diner looking for me." "Do you know who it is exactly?" "Yes, George Faldwell. *gulp* "My father"

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