On My Way

Shelly is just a regular teen waitress looking for some money. She has an amazing voice that never appears in public because she is so shy. What happens when her favorite boy band helps acheive her dreams of becoming famous? Remember, there are never smooth roads to the land of freedom.


3. Perfect Future?

Liam's POV: Wow, all I wanted was a phone call and this happens? The boys are never going to believe this! Just act calm Liam. Just act calm. I took deep breath before I opened the bus' door. Okay, here it goes. "Hi Liam! What took you so long? We're running late on schedule!" Harry had said. "Well I ran into something. Someone, actually." "Okay? Who is it?" "Food?" "No Niall, not food. I said a person." I signalled for Shelly to come in. The boys' faces were confused/puzzled. "Who's this?" Zayn said, confused the most. "I'm Shelly. Liam saved me." All the boys' faces were shocked/puzzled. "It's a long story actually." Shelly piped in. "But I'm kind of dirty, so can I take a quick shower please?" "Sure!" Niall said aloud. "I can take your clothes to the nearby laundromat if you want." "Okay, thanks Niall." Shelly's POV: I can't believe I just talked to Niall! 1/5 of One Direction! I hopped in the thinking how happy I was when I met him. I felt like I was the only one there in the shower, just all alone. So, I started singing "Titanium". Of course, what else? Liam's POV: "And now we're here" "Wow, that's crazy lad!" Harry said looking confused, yet hypnotized. What could of happened? Suddenly, the rest of the boys, including me, heard an angelic voice coming from the bathroom. "Is that Shelly?" Louis whispered. "It must be, who else is in the shower?" "Her voice is beautiful!" Harry shouted. The boys and I listened in awe of the voice drifting and making it's way in our direction. Shelly's POV: I heard talking coming from the other side of the door. Oh shoot! I forgot I'm in One Direction's tour bus! I instantly stopped singing from the case of shyness. Dang it! I can't believe they heard me! That's when Niall appeared and grabbed my clothes to take to the laundromat I guess. Ever heard of knocking? Oh well, at least they're kind. One Direction's POV: "She's beautiful and can sing!" They all said in unison. Niall's POV: Wow, she's amazing! I wonder what would happen if Simon could hear her sing. "Guys, I have an idea!" "What is it Nialler?" Zayn asked furrowing his brow. "What if we could ask Simon to hear Shelly sing, and then is it goes great; maybe she could have a great job in the music industry!" "She is definately shy though. So we might have to set this up without her knowing."

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