On My Way

Shelly is just a regular teen waitress looking for some money. She has an amazing voice that never appears in public because she is so shy. What happens when her favorite boy band helps acheive her dreams of becoming famous? Remember, there are never smooth roads to the land of freedom.


4. Can we do this?

Shelly"s POV: I think the boys started to discuss something while I was getting out because I heard the words, "Do you think she can pull it off though?" "Shelly's good" "Yeah mate, this could work." Then it ended into some mumbling and whispering because I think they knew that I was getting out. Are they hiding something from me? What could I possibly pull off? I'm clumsy, ugly, I stutter a lot, I'm crazily shy, self-conscious about myself, and lets just say I'm not the skinniest person alive. Oh goodness, what am I getting myself into? Harry's POV: All the boys, including me, started to get quiet because we heard Shelly getting out of the shower. Let's hope she didn't overhear of what we had said. I personally think Simon will love her if he even hears her. Even though I had barely heard her talk, her singing and good looks made up for it. She is just undescribable, but in a good way. Liam's POV: I had seen Harry thinking long and hard about something. He better not be thinking on getting with Shelly, I was planning on doing that! Ugh, What am I thinking? Harry always gets the girl he wants. He gets what he wants when he wants it. If Paul says yes. Niall's POV: I think I'm falling in love with Shelly, I'm not sure yet though. She's perfect in my eyes. Zayn's POV: Her voice is unbelievable! I wonder if she's avalible. I could protect her from her dad! Louis' POV: I could hear Zayn chuckle to himself. What was he thinking? I shouldn't get into his business, I have to focus on getting the digits from SHELLAY!


 A/N POV: Sorry guys, it's a short chapter. I'm trying to get a cover for this movella, but I don't seem to know how. Can any of you help me? Anyways, if you guys could spread the word about this movella to your friends, and get likes and favorites for me, then that would be great! Gots to go! Mwah!(:

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