Irish Eyes

Madolyn meets her smexy leprechaun one day in music class. She had dreams of being a singer.And who will help her achieve it? How about Niall Horan? All he ever wanted to do was protect her,save her,love her.And make her smile. He taught her how to make love and hold her own.With his smiling,bright,irish eyes....


5. my protecter

I woke up from a long night of cuddling and kissing. Niall's strong,protective arms around me,his head in the crook of my neck. He felt me stir and pulled me tighter."Good morning princess.." I smiled and kissed his cheek. I squirmed out of his arms and checked the clock.It was noon. "Niall I've got to get back it's noon!" "Ok baby you can take my car." he said sleepily. I kissed him on the head and said thank you.I grabbed his keys and walked out.I didn't realize how ghetto this motel was.The sun hurt my eyes and I finally found his red convertible.It was on the other side of the parking lot.I looked around and saw some guys in an alley beside the motel.I tried to walk fast,but I guess not fast enough.One of the guys from the alley started whistling at me and the others were whooping and cheering.I tried to ignore them and walked faster.One walked over and blocked me from Niall's car."Where you goin babe?" I could smell the whiskey on his breathe. "Trying to get away from you!" I screamed at him. I tried to walk past him and he grabbed my arm."Pretty little thing like you should be cruising with me baby." "Yea but she's too busy cruising with me." I heard the familiar Irish accent say. "NOBODY calls HER baby except for me." I felt so much safer with Niall there."Man,get outta here Patty,she's mine." the man said.Niall's eyes turned a dark blue and Niall pulled my arm away from the man and put me behind him. "Now you listen to me, you get the hell outta here and leave my girlfriend alone before you end up in the pavement." Niall took me by the hand never taking his eyes off the man."Princess go to the car and lock the doors ok?"I nodded and ran to the car,locking the doors.I could hear Niall and the man arguing.I was so scared.The man was really angry and swung at Niall.I screamed and cried.But Niall was quicker,faster,stronger.and Niall pushed him to the ground and looked the man in his eyes and said "Now you listen to me you either move it or lose it because she is MY princess,NOT yours now go back with your douchebag friends and leave us the hell alone."The man ran away with fear and Niall walked to the car.I aw his black eye and bloody knuckles.By now I was trembling.Niall got in the car and we drove in silence.When he got to the college and stopped in front of my dorm i was on his shoulder crying.I looked up at him and whispered thank you in his ear before kissing his cheek and laying back on his shoulder.He held me close and carried me to my dorm he layed me down on my bed.Karlie was gone so it was just us two.He laid down on the bed with me and pulled me close.I kissed his knuckles and interlocked my fingers with his.After a while I asked him "Niall,why did you do it?" He just smirked and said "well I've actually got three reasons number one  because nobody touches my girl,and number two  I told you from the first day I met you I would protect you and number three because I love you.." I looked at him and kissed his lips gently "I love you too,Niall"

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