Irish Eyes

Madolyn meets her smexy leprechaun one day in music class. She had dreams of being a singer.And who will help her achieve it? How about Niall Horan? All he ever wanted to do was protect her,save her,love her.And make her smile. He taught her how to make love and hold her own.With his smiling,bright,irish eyes....


6. love and war

It was 3pm and vocals started in an hour.Niall was in the shower.I was straitening my hair.I put on Niall's carefree mofo shirt on and one of his snapbacks.He came out of the bathroom completely naked with only a towel on.He saw me with his snapback on and smiled.I was only in panties and a shirt so I decided to put some jeans on.Niall watched me slip on my Hollister skinny jeans on.He licked his lips and changed.All of the sudden Karlie and Harry burst through the door kissing.Harry had pushed Karlie against the wall and Karlie wrapped her legs around him.They were moaning each others names.Niall and I just sat there like awkward turtles.Karlie looked up long enough to see me and she screamed.Harry looked up and laughed.Niall and I walked out to get some food and then go to vocals.We had two more weeks until the final performance.We haven't even figured out what song to sing. "How about we sing Moments?" Niall asked.I smiled because that was my favorite song and he knew it."ok" i agreed. We had practiced for days and we finally had it down.I texted Niall to come over and rehearse with me.He came over drunk.Completely drunk."Hey baby" his words slurred."Niall you're drunk" I said concerned. "So?" He said,"So,Niall we can't rehearse when you're completely drunk,just c'mon lemme take you back to your dorm." "NO" he said."We are going to do this my way or no way,now c'mon let's sing." he snapped. "fine" I snapped back."You know why can't you ust forget about this presentation thing and have a pint or two?" he asked. "Because Niall I'm try ing to actually graduate,I worked hard to get my scholarship and I want to become a singer one day you know that!" I said to him. He looked at me with anger in his eyes and said through his teeth "I'm only in this college because my manager made me." "Madolyn,you're the only thing keeping me in this hell hole." I looked at him with tears in my eyes. "And if you don't like the way I do things then that's too damn bad." He walked out of my dorm,still holding a whiskey bottle in his hand."Oh yeah I'm leaving you,maybe now I'll get somefreedom from you." he said walking out. I was so overwhelmed and sad and scared and I just snapped."Niall Horan I never loved you"I said through tears and he just looked back with pained eyes,nodded his head and left.


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