Irish Eyes

Madolyn meets her smexy leprechaun one day in music class. She had dreams of being a singer.And who will help her achieve it? How about Niall Horan? All he ever wanted to do was protect her,save her,love her.And make her smile. He taught her how to make love and hold her own.With his smiling,bright,irish eyes....


8. love actually

Niall picked me up around 8pm.He had texted me and said to wear something comfy so I wore sweatpants and a hoodie with a messy bun.I had a bunch of bruises and cuts from the crash so I could hardly walk.Niall took me back to his dorm. While we were walking in I asked "Where are the boys?","Recording." "Why aren't you?" I asked him. "Because I wanted to spend time with my princess." He winked and carried me the rest of the way  inside.When I walked in Niall had his dorm covered with sheets.He held one sheet up."Princess" he said cheekily and waved me inside and bowed down.I curtsied and walked in to find a t.v.,popcorn,and movies.Grease,Lady and the Tramp,and Finding Nemo.He had a bunch of blankets and pillows laid down.He sat me in his lap and put in Lady and the tramp.He kissed my neck and my cheeks.He rubbed my leg and back gently,knowing I was fragile."Princess,look at me." he said. "Do you remember when I first met you?In vocals?" I nodded my head. "Ever since that day I have loved you,I fell in love with your blue eyes and your smile." he said smiling."Niall I don't understand why you think I'm so perfect I'm ugly and fat and you deserve way more than-"he cut me off by pressing his lips against mine and then putiing a finger to my lips shushing me."Madolyn,you have the kindest heart,the most beautiful eyes,the smile that can brighten up a room,and the personality that could make any man fall in love with you.And I'm lucky to be that man." he said."You're my princess,my princess with the voice of an angel." "You'll make it big someday Madolyn," "I know you will." He smiled with his kind,Irish,eyes. Making me fall in love with him even more.

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