Unbroken (Nemi/Diall)

(*Warning* May contain conversations of self harm, eating disorders, bipolar disease, and suicidal thoughts) Demi Lovato has finally returned home from her stay in the rehabilitation center. She's finally ready to have a fresh start. But before her journey could start, she has to make a promise to herself. "Never let someone hurt us again. We have to stay strong. Finally find ourself.. On our own."

She follows that promise at first, until she finds herself with this one boy. This one boy turns out to be none other then Niall Horan from the international boyband, One Direction. Niall has always had an adorable crush on Demi. But he really doesn't know what she's been through.

When the two finally meet, Niall tries everything he can to get Demi's attention. But Demi remembers her promise to herself, which makes her keep pushing Niall away. Will Niall finally break through Demi's walls and finally get her to love again? Will Demi finally be unbroken?


2. Chapter 1

*A year later*


I make my way home from the recording studio. I've been working on a new album lately. Something that I can give my Lovatics, something I hope they'll be proud of. This album really means a lot to me, so I'm hoping they feel the same.

I slip my phone out of my pocket as I wait in the line of traffic. My mom said she was going to stop by later on today to see how I was doing. Which I'm looking forward too! I miss her so much, I've been so busy in the studio and it's great to finally get to see her again! 

I click open my twitter app. I see my interactions blowing up as always. I smile to myself seeing all my fans tweeting me. It's just amazing seeing them stick by my side through all of this. One tweet stands out to me, just because its different from the others. This one isn't about how proud they are of me. Or anything like that. I read the tweet with furrowed eyebrows. 


Awwwwww he's so cute! @ddlovato you are so lucky! Niall actually confessed his feelings for you! Aw!

Niall? Isn't that the little blonde fellow from One Direction? I believe it is. I chuckle a little at the tweet. If I remember currently, Niall actually seemed like a little sweetheart. But, I can't do anything about that. It's just a little celebrity crush. It doesn't mean anything.

I look up seeing the traffic line finally start moving. I put my phone in the center console and press my foot lightly on the gas petal. As the line moves, I find myself thinking more and more about Niall. I'm not entirely sure why. I guess it's just the feeling that another celebrity looks at you greatly.
It's always been weird for me when another well famous person says they enjoy my music or something along that like. Niall isn't any different.

As if on cue, 'What Makes You Beautiful' starts playing on the radio. I hum along softly drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. I have to admit, this song is really catchy. No surprise it's been a number one hit for over a month now.

"That's what makes you beautiful..." I sing quietly. 




I pull up to my house, seeing my moms car already parked outside. I smile widely unbuckling myself and taking my phone out of the center console. I climb out and press the button on my keys to make the car lock. From the beep, my mom opens the front door and smiles at me. In a second we were both in each others arms smiling and laughing. I miss the feeling of having her arms around me. It's great to feel them again.

"Hi honey... How ya feeling?" She asks petting the back of my head. I keep my arms around her tightly to afraid to let go. "Pretty good! I'm so happy you're here!" I yell. 

We both laugh before she pulls away, "Well let's go inside so we can talk some more. Okay?"

We walk inside and into the kitchen. I place my purse down on the marble counter top still smiling. My heart is just so full of joy that she's here. My mother and I always had a close bond, so it's hard being away from her to long.

"So.. How is the album coming along?" She asks leaning on the counter. I laugh lightly pulling my dark hair back into a ponytail. "It's good actually. I'm really excited about this one..." 
She smiles for me and takes out two mugs from the cabinets, "I'm glad dear. We're all so proud of you. I bet your little, what are they called? Lovatoes? Will love it too."

I chuckle, "They're Lovatics mom.." She laughs shaking her head filling the mugs with water. "Same thing! The point is, we're all proud of you."

We both laugh, while on the inside I'm jumping around with happiness. I really hope she's right. It would be sad if I released this album and no one liked it. I shudder at the thought. My mom takes out the tea bags from the cabinet above the stove and puts them into the mugs.

"Since when do you like tea?" I ask laughing a bit.

"Since I learned its good for you and helps with your vocal chords!" She states handing me a mug. I place it down in front of me while she takes a seat on the stool across from mine.

I take small sip from the tea. "So.. I heard about the little Niall fellow.." She says smirking like parents do when they find out about crushes. I spit out the tea all over the table. "What?" I ask wiping my mouth off with the back of my hand. 

"You act like I wouldn't know. It's all over the place. Plus, I always make sure to know what's going on with my daughter," she says taking a sip of her tea. I sigh grabbing a napkin to clean up the mess I made. 
"What do you think about it?" She pushes further. 

My eyes flicker up to hers, "Honestly. I don't know."

"How do you not know?", she laughs, "The boy admitted he likes you over live television! That has to mean something!"

"Yeah. So did Joe...," I mumble.

My mom cringes and places the mug down. Joe and I... Well I think we all know what happened in that time period. It's always a scar on me that not all relationships can be perfect. That not everyone is who they seem. 

"That's not what I mean hun... But this Niall seems sweet. Maybe you should talk to him some..," she enthuses. Something tells me my mom is liking Niall. And we don't even know him that well!

I chuckle, "We'll see mom. We'll see.."





SO! Here's chapter 1! What did you guys think? Do you think Demi is going to talk to Niall? Gee... I sure hope so...

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I will love you forever!

Stay Strong and Beautiful! 


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