You can't fight what you can't see

Isis turned, expecting to see high flames and screams where her village was. Except there was nothing. Not one scream, no flames or smoke. Her village had been burnt in the search for her.


2. On the run

Tears formed in her eyes. Her family and friends more than likely killed. Isis had no one or anything to help her survive. She knew she had to run. Off she ran again, through the forest. No idea where to go. She stopped and listened. The forest loomed so dark and dead. Sticks snapped and leaves crunched as someone walked. Her breathing was so quiet it's like she wasn't breathing at all. The sound got closer.

"Do I run, or do I stay?" Isis thought. She stays.

She prepares herself. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end along with the hairs on her arms and legs. Her senses sharpen. She braces herself for whatever is out there near her.

 Crunch Crunch. The leaves and the twigs break. Isis' breathing gets heavy and fast as the adrenaline starts flowing. A groaning sound comes from the north where the twigs break. She turns and hides behind the tree next to her. The crunching gets closer, so close it seems to be right behind her. She decided to take a quick peek around one side of the tree, but hands grabbed her from the other side.

"Don't make a sound. I can kill you before you have the chance to yell for help."

Isis stays quiet as one hand is over her mouth and the other around her stomach. The voice in her ear sounded male. But the hands felt small, not much bigger than her own. And his voice sounded like he was no older than a couple years from Isis.

"Why were you running?" he whispered as if something was still chasing them.

"Because I was listening to my nana! Sir, now just who on earth are you? I haven't seen you before. Have you been kept a secret in the village? Are you just passing by? Oh I know! You're just-"

"Listen. Enough with the questions. I'm Jesse, and I know you're Isis. I'm not aloud to answer how I knew where you would be. But all I can say is I know you have no where to go now so you need food and shelter."

"I..," she looked down almost embarrassed, "yeah I do."

"Well then let's go."

Jesse led Isis through the forest, past a small stream, over a bunch of rocks, and into this cave hidden by vines. Walking into the cave, there was an exit, so really it was a tunnel. They stepped into the sunlight and Isis saw a thriving town.

"This town..," Isis thought, "why do I feel like I've seen it before..?"

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