Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


8. Chapter 8

(prepare for a peak into the past!!!)

"Coivey, dear child please behave today!"

"I'm not a child anymore maman!"  

My mother sighed, brushing my long black-blue hair. "I guess that is true, your 15.."

i nodded smiling "uh huh!" i smiled 

"and your turning out to be such a cute young lady!"  she brushed my hair again

I smiled at my reflection in the water, seeing my blue eyes waver with warmth and love. "hehe i know!" 

my Mother stood up, "now, i have to handle preparations in kitchen for a bit- you come as soon as your ready." she climbed the slope to our orchard, leaving a trail in the long grass as she went. 

i turned back to the water smiling. I looked up out over the lake, it was beautiful, lined with trees and on one side, the town. I slipped off my shoes, and dipped my feet into the water, splashing lightly. I giggled "mother wouldn't believe i'm 15 if she saw me now!" i smiled letting my feet soak.I never dared to go deeper, when i was young i almost drowned- if only the cook didn't notice me i'd be dead.  

"You look like your having fun." 

I turned around, smiling "Elliot!"  

The tall blonde sat down next to me, smiling. "Hello Dear child."  

I smiled and glanced my eyes all over him, He sometimes would work in our orchards or in the kitchen- but i knew what i was looking for.

"Oh? you wouldn't be looking for these would you?" he held up a little poach and threw it into my lap.

I opened it and smiled picking out a berry and popping it into my mouth- instantly smiling "their just so good!"

he smirked "If you keep eating like this You'll be the size of the blacksmith before  your eight-teen." 

I rolled my eyes "But your the one that brings them too me, its not my fault!" 

"and who asks for them?" he stared watching me put another one in my mouth 

"touche.  But their so yummy.. " I chewed happily 

"then i'm sure your going to have fun with your Birthday dinner." he laughed

"Oh really? Tell me what there is!" i demanded

"Uh ah, i can't- your mother wants it to be a surprise."

"Oh come on Elliot! Please just a hint!!" i begged

"fine i give in, I might have mentioned you have a soft spot for fruit." he smiled holding up his hands in defeat

"Yay!!! Thank you Elliot!" I smiled, i loved fruit..more than i should. 

"No problem.. but you owe me." He said laying back in the grass

"Oh? Mother said debt isn't something i want." i smiled

"It isn't but, this is fair now isn't it?" he shut his eyes 

"I believe it i." I leaned and kissed his cheek "Fair deal?" I asked

He opened one eye and nodded smiling. 

I smiled and looked around Then poked his face "Elllllliiot did you have any other presents for me?"

He looked at me "Now why would i have any presents for you?" he smirked

"Because its my birthday! your supposed to give me presents." I demanded

"Haha Oh yes, i do have something for you. Close your eyes." 

I closed my eyes tight. Imagining what it could be, and maybe peeking just a little- well enough to see him reach into his bag.I closed my eyes again, feeling him hover over me for a moment. 

"Okay open them."

I opened my eyes looking all around me "Wha..?"

he shook his head and pointed to the water "your so clueless.."

I scooted over to the water, and looked in it- gasping soon as i noticed it. On my head was a crown of flowers, a blue purple color. "Wow!" was all i could say

"their called violets, pretty right?" he said putting his hands behind his head

"Violets i like them.." I stared happily at my reflection 

"Knew you would." smirks "just as much as you like sweet things."

"your not ever going to let me get over that are you.." i laughed

"Nope!" he stood up and stretched

"Your leaving already?" i whined

"I am here to work, not to be your personal entertainment." he turned and waved before walking off

"Bye!" i yelled after him, still looking at my reflection- satisfied. 

I yawned- it must be getting time for my celebration.I stood up and dusted up off my dress, and began the trek back to the house. I wandered off to the kitchens entrance, peeking in to see what i was going to eat. I noticed a few cooks kneading dough, and instantly my mind whirled with many foods they could be making. 

"Someone looks guilty."  I jumped around to see my mother staring down at me "i was..uh..."

she sighed and raised a eyebrow "Nice crown, where'd you get it?" she blinked

"Elliot gave it to me!" i exclaimed

"Oh? that was nice of him, you been spending a lot of time with him-"

"mother... " i said

she laughed "i know i know, now why don't you go down to the dinner hall, and talk to children- dinner will be served soon." 

I grunted and trudged to the dinner hall, frowning when i was greeted by so many children.they asked me the most rediculas questions like "does this mean your moving away soon?" or "do you have to work now" in which i answered "i'm never leaving my home" and "I've always done my part."

I finally got tired of them and sat down at my end of the long table, next to my father.  "Wheres big brother?" i asked slightly curious

"Hes busy.." my dad got distracted and left to talk to a few comrads of his. 

i sighed and laid my head on the table listening to the others mingle. I closed my eyes.. nothing wrong with resting just a bit.

"psst Coivey wake up its time for food" i awoke to find Elliot poking me with a wooden plate. I instantly sat up noticing they were serving food. I smiled looking at the dishes they were setting down.

Elliot rolled his eyes at me "of course you wake up to food.." and with that he went on setting plates in front of the others at the table. 

I puffed and pulled my hair back - out of the way.  I reached out and grabbed a bunch of food, im pretty sure everyone else thought i was a pig..

Just about mid dinner- i saw Elliot hanging out in the doorway- so i of course excuse myself and walked over to him.  "Hey-" 

he smiled "hey come here, i am something for you." he turned and headed outside.

i blinked and followed without hesitation,  upon following him, he lead his way into our orchards.

"what is it" i asked

"i have something for you to try." he smiled holding his hand out to what seemed to be a little roll, or cresant of some sorts. 

"why didn't you just give it to me in there?" i blinked taking it in my hands

"because i had one- and didn't want anyone else being jealous." he smiled, almost relaxed

i bit into it, my mouth filled with the taste of berries and herbs, it was wonderful. i looked at him suddenly drowsy, i felt weak and unable to stand- i was about to say 'thank you' but.. everything went black.


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