Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


7. Chapter 7

I shivered as my eyes ran over the man. He was wearing some kinda of fancy suit. He had pale blonde, messy hair. He had a twisted smile on his face.. and stricking red eyes. 


he smirked "So you remember me? That's sweet. " he circled to behind me "now princess, how about we go home? you've been running around with the food for so long." 

I couldn't move, I tried and tried to escape from him in my thoughts- but here he is in the flesh. "W-why do i have to.."

"haha funny, trying the innocent game huh? that's a nice touch. " he wrapped his arms around my stomach and laid his head on my shoulder, instantly making me feel violated- expeciously since i knew what he did to me... "because i chose you as my princess, and that is your only purpose. My darling."

I gulped feeling my whole body trembled. I felt him Squish me harder. "were not going to have any problems are we?"  he cooed in my ear.

"I can't go! Kali needs me.." i whimpered

"oh? Kali- the homeless girl? i saw her a couple of times, i was going to wait till she was older to add her to my collection but if you want now-"

I broke free of him and stumbled a few steps away, and turned around to face him "Don't Touch Her!"

he smiled at my reaction "oh well well, maybe i wont or maybe i will- depending on how much your willing to cooperate with me." 

I stared horrified. I looked at my feet considering my choices. Leave Kali with this sick bastard..or  go back to my nightmare. I wiped my face then stared at him knowing the answer "Fine. have it your way... but.. give me a few days?" 

He smiled "don't take too long love, or i might just have a snack out of your girly friend."

I frowned and turned around ready to leave but was interupted by Elliot "uh ah, i'm sure there's something couples do to say goodbye?" he smirked

i turned around.. and slumped over to him looking him in the face.  He lifted my chin to his and slowly kissed me. i wanted to back up and slap him.. but Kali was at stake here. I couldn't risk it. after he was done he let me go, and i took off. 

I shivered, even my bones trembled. what was i getting myself into? I didn't know.. I had finally reached the building the base was on- i stared up with pang in my heart. What was i going to tell Kali..?

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