Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


6. Chapter 6

I shuffled awkwardly, while Kali picked through the 'clothes' she had gathered. I wondered what she was planning on making me wear.

She happily picked through her pile, with a  smile lighting up her face.she turned around with a small pile of things. "your going to look beautiful!" she giggled while handing me the pile "ill close the bases opening so no one can see you change." 

I never knew changing clothes could be so hard, by the time it was over i had to call Kali in for assistance. She would say things like "Your socks don't go there" or "why are you doing that with your sweater?" After awhile i gave up and let her handle my clothes. 

she stepped back "Your so pretty!" she ran over to  the 'base' and pulled out a large shard of mirror. "look!"

i looked into the mirror, and gasped. This little girl had me in some kinda of light yellow-white short dress, with a blue button sweater over my shoulders, black shoes, and long white socks. o stared at her. "This hardly  covers my legs!"  

"well.. no one dress like how you dressed anymore," she sat down on her mattress "you look decent! not like some of those other girls.."

I didn't even want to know what the un-decent girls wear. i sighed and pulled Kali over for a hug. she hugged back and i smiled.I instantly froze, there was a pang in my throat and Kali was so close. I knew what i needed.. but not from Kali. I quickly backed away covering my mouth. "uh hey .. i'm going to go look around for a bit.."

Kali blinked "you know the way back?"

I nodded, i really didn't know but i could figure it out. I hopped down the side of the building, landing clumsily on the ground. "ek! .. i'm going to have to work on that.." 

I wandered off. Searching the dark streets for someone. I finally found someone on some kinda of gadget, talking nonsense. I snuck up behind him. then grabbed him covering his mouth and sinking my fangs into him. I pulled him behind one of those green bins and fed- messily. 

" Trying to be a professional now are you?" 

I instantly froze, dropping the man altogether. I gulped as i stood up and turned around.  I stared horrified at who stood before me.

"What, cat got your tongue, my dear Violet."

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