Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


5. Chapter 5

I stepped out, onto some kind of strange stone. I stared at the structures, towering over me. I couldn't comprehend what they were, or how they got there. I was suddenly being pushed around, so many people passed by me. I was scared, i crouched down in a ball,Trying to protect myself.

"Are you okay?" 

i looked up to see a young female, no older than eight. She had blonde braids, freckles, and stunning green eyes.  I was so stunned, i didn't expect for such a adorable young girl to exist.

"miss?" she repeated

I shook my head. She smiled and held her hand out to me. I hesitated, why was she doing this? where am i? who is she..? i cautiously  took her hand. the child smiled, and began pulling me through the crowds. I made no effort to protest. She was fairly good at manuvering with so many people. 

My nose was going crazy, so many people in one place, so many smells. So many pulses. For a moment i forgot about the girl pulling me, So many meals in one place distracted me from reality. I shook my head, i promised myself i'd never think of humans that way. I frowned at myself, disappointed. Suddenly the girl turned into a dark alley of some sorts.

"Hi miss." she said smiling. 

I blinked at her "hello.." i looked around before i continued here "why did you bring me here..?"

she giggled and sat down. " I saw you- and knew you were a princess! you dress just like one, or.. at least before your pretty dress was ruined. Anyways, i knew you were in trouble and figured you could use my help!"

i blinked. how i dress? everyone dressed like this during balls. Now that i noticed- no one else was where suits or ball gowns. But this girl, thought i was a princess- i was so flattered. i giggled "i'm not quite a princess-" ... something flashed in my mind, but i shook it away. "but I've met a few." 

she blinked, then laughed " I get it- your hiding, " she winked "like under cover."

I sighed and smiled,  why argue with her? i sat down on a box and looked at her " kinda, but i need to fit in, while i look for something." i smiled

she tilted her head "you'll never fit in like that! we need to get your something else to wear,." she jumped up and leaned into my ear "i think i know somewhere to get you clothes!"

I blinked, standing up "really where?" i asked the darling girl

she bit her ear "uh.. how about i go get  them- you can stay at my base!"

i blinked "your base?"

"yeah its really cool! come on!!" she jumped onto some kind of giant green bin, and climbed onto a metal ladder- and then she disappeared onto the roof of the building. her head popped over the ledge of the roof and smiled at me "hey come on!" 

I hesitantly climbed over the bin, and treked up the ladder. I stared hard at what was before me.

"isn't it great!" the little girl twirled in happiness "the mattress was hard to get up here, but i did it!"

in front of me was a little area, with the so called 'mattress' inside, along with a few boxes- along with clothe draped over it all. I frowned a little realising the little girl lived here.she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to it "you can wait here now! i'll be back in a little bit" with that the little girl climbed off the roof and left me there.

i gulped and sat down on the mattress.  The sun was going to set soon, i wonder how long she'll be gone for. I realised i didn't  know her name- ill have to find out when she gets back. 

My mind wandered. How could this little girl live here.. all alone? Who would leave her here. i Frowned. how long has she been alone..? I don't want to just leave her, not like this. I sighed. how can she smile so much? Her problems are worse than mine- yet she still smiles.. how does she leave all her problems behind her?

I slipped into my thoughts, paying attention to only them. I hugged myself, feeling guilty for crying so much and over reacting.. or.. was i? i kept over thinking it- I wasn't over reacting..he was- he is- my world, if hes gone...i Under reacted.  

I frowned and looked at the sky. it was night, and the sky sparkled like ten billion gems were smiling at me from a velvet blue ribbon.  I stared and thought- i'm still waiting for my sign..

"good view right?" my head snapped around and the golden haired girl was back, she was holding a pile of clothe. i smiled- until i looked at her face "what happened to you?"

her left eye was bruised and blue. "oh i uh.. tripped." 

she ran over to me, setting the clothes down and looking up at me happily  "i got every thing you'll need! a shirt, pants-"

i frowned at her "why are you doing this for me?"

she looked down. "well.. i like you.. and your nice to me- no ones ever nice to me! so .. i just thought.."

i stared at her "you thought?"

She laughed and wiped her eye "well i thought you could be like my big sister- and stay here with me..." 

I choked, something in my heart wasn't allowing me to tell her i had to go- nothing allowed me to tell her i was a monster. instead, i pulled her into a hug "i'll stay here with you- little princess." i smiled

the little girl smiled and hugged back. she curled up beside me, "whats my big sisters name?" she asked

"Coivey La Bell Sakuya." i said 

"ohh fancy, I'm Kali, does that make me Kali laa bell Sak-u-ah?" 

i laughed at how she tried to pronouce my name "only if you want, but to make things easy you can just call me Coi." 

"ok!" she laid her head on my cheast, and soon started breathing lightly. i smiled, realising that maybe i did belong somewhere.

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