Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


4. Chapter 4

I stood beside the water. Its waves touched my feet ever so gently. I couldn't think. I couldn't move. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. I once thought no matter the person, you could be saved- i was wrong. I had caused so much wrong in life and it is too hard for me to go on like this.I need a sign.. a reason not to die.

I went to stand up, stumbling for a moment then regaining my balance. I looked regretfully at the area that the little house should have been.  I looked at my feet. I couldn't bare to stay here for very much longer. I turned.

I had to leave, I couldn't stay while the pain was so fresh in me. Maybe one day i will venture back to this place, But for now i needed a safe place to think things over.  I stared walking, Trying hard not to look back to the empty clearing again.  I set off for the town, surely it would still be there.  I needed to find out how long i was gone, but that would have to wait. 

I  stopped through a few trees, was a beautiful doe, and a fawn. I stared, it was beautiful. i could help but to crouch and stick my hand out to the darling creature. The fawn caught my gaze, and took a step closer.  i plucked a few leaves form a near by bush. I looked the fawn up and down, his fur was so glossy like a babies hair. His spots were gleaming from the sun. He was like a glowing beam. i smiled. He took on more step, before sniffing my hand. He backed up quickly and took off into the woods- the doe following. 

I didn't move for a long time. I felt another sobbing session coming on. I wiped my eyes and spoke to myself. "No. your stronger than this." i took a deep breath "this means nothing... it was just a deer, that has nothing to do with me..." 

I stood up again, continuing my journey to the town. I could have been there in a few minutes if i wanted, but i was avoiding it and walked normally. i took a long break to enjoy the woods and  enjoy the scenery. 

Before i knew it i was at the end of the trees, I stared- this was far different  than i expected. large weird stone towers rose above the bare ground, strange metal objects made a lot of noise, while people were everywhere. i stared bewildered, and simply amazed..

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