Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


3. Chapter 3

I held my legs close to me. I was tearing up in the corner of the coffin filled room. Two emotionless bodies laid in the room with me now, because of me. my face was bloody. My hunger was at ease for now, and my non beating heart ached. I feel like a horrible creature- that doesn't deserve life. I wiped my eyes before standing up. I didn't care to examine the room. I didn't want to see those poor dead men again. 

I followed the route Christopher first lead me in through, but when i reached the end of the hall- that should have lead to the Ballroom, there was only a dusty door. I blinked in confusion before opening the door. 

i stared in horror. Nothing that i remember was there. i could barley make Hills,rubble,and ruins,in the dark, no dance hall. I walked by, letting my hands fall on the rubble. I was horrified. I didn't think i was in there that long..

My thoughts quickly shifted to Christopher. Where was he? what happened? I fell on my knees and curled into a ball.  I sobbed more than i ever have.  I was hurt, More hurt than ever. I found my self running into the woods looking for Christopher's cottage. I ran faster than ever, but found myself tripping and crying in the mud. I laid there, not finding any will to move. I stared at my hands, my ash colored gloved were torn from multiple attempts at moving the coffin cover.  I suddenly realised i had to see the truth. i stood up, noting my dress was torn all the way up to my knees.

i began treking to Christopher's cabin. i followed the hills, with a very light idea of where i was going. I prayed, for once in a long time, that he was still there.  I climbed The last hill holding my eyes closed. i opened them hoping for the smiling silver haired man standing outside the wooden cottage he called home. I stared dumb founded. nothing was there. it appeared like it was never there. i gulped. I couldn't do anything. my body shook, before i knew it i was my knees- pukeing. i fell over on my side, i wasn't sobbing, but tears dripped down my shocked face. i couldn't do anything. My mind broke. i broke, i'm broken.

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