Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


2. Chapter 2

 I've waited. I've been lost in my thoughts, nothing else but my thoughts.The dark coffin that i call home has suffocated my life.  All i can do is think, and ignore my hunger. I've tried so many times to break out of my coffin, but even with my strength i can not. I lay here. Waiting for his return. so many years. so little activity.

Over the years i could only think of my future. Me and Christopher will live out of the town. I will stay there, and he can go to town to work as a Taylor. While he is gone i can go to town, and interact with the towns people. 

So strange, but something I've been wanting to do is cook for someone again, even though i do not eat. The longer i live the more i want to act like a normal girl. Strangely I have even thought of children. Of course i cant have any..but maybe Christopher could adopt a child. I've never really been able to know the feeling of a little baby in my arms.. I've only imagined how soft they would feel.

I feel weak here, So weak. I cant escape this coffin, its like i am a mortal, except i can not die from this. I've reflected on everything, reliving my memories- At least the good ones.

Christopher is in all of my good ones. He helped me, he saved me. He is my angel. I love him. I will find him. Why do my thoughts always shift to him no matter what i do? 

I opened my eyes for a first in a long time. I listened remaining quiet. 

"Are you sure no ones going to catch us?"

"I'm sure! lets check out some of these graves, there might be valuable stuff!"

"Alright I got this one!"

Two males, juvenile to young adult. My nose sniffed, i couldn't Smell them. My brain was going crazy. My hunger over powered my thoughts of hospitality and making friends, even finding Christopher. i fingers scraped at the stone. I want their blood so much. I want to feel the feeling of warm scarlet trailing down my throat. 

My eyes glanced to the side of the coffin. One of the two was pulling on the top of my coffin.a sliver of light flashed into the coffin, at first i was blinded but my eyes quickly ajusted. Suddenly he stopped pulling the stone top, there wasn't even enough room for me to slip my hand out and finish the job. I listened wanting to know the reason he stopped.

"Man, this is heavy. Give me a hand!"

I heard Shuffling across the floor and the other mans smell entered my coffin. I took deep breaths taking in their smells. 

I saw two pairs of hands grab the edge of the coffins cover, and began pulling. The only thing keeping me from making a snack out of their hands, was the thought of their necks on the other side.

The coffins cover hit the floor, and i clumsily stood up. I took a moment to balance myself before turning towards the two humans. Their eyes were full of complete shock. I stared back- before i couldn't take it anymore, i sprang onto one of them. I hovered over him, taking in his human smell.

"i knew praying for a beautiful girl would work! and she waste no time!"

I tugged on his shirt to show his neck, I opened my mouth exposing my fangs. I leaned in smelling then smiling at his flowing blood.I suddenly looked up hearing his companions voice " Craig! Its a monster! " 

I froze. What was i doing? This is a human. I am a cruel monster. I couldn't control myself, tears dripped from my eyes like the springs rains. i sat up- still on top of the guy, sobbing. I choked a few times, and the other man was moving closer to me. I couldn't help myself for much longer. I leaned down and fed on the Human who was under me, making quick work of him. I soon got done, and devored the other male. after all i was a monster.



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