Burning Stone

This follows the story of a vampire, Coivey La Bell Sakuya, a 684 year old girl whose been trapped in a coffin for 200 years. When she finally gets out, she has alot to deal with.


1. Chapter 1

"Such a beautiful night it is my dear." he guided me holding my hands in his

such beautiful music played as we turned round and round. I smiled making sure to keep my mouth close- fangs would scare the rest of the dancers. He looked down at my necklace "it suits you well my love." a big oval saphire was tied around my neck with ash lace. 

I nodded and spoke "Yes, thank you again- i can not express my happiness." 

He nodded and twirled me, he was such a wonderful dancer- in fact he was the one who taught me how to dance. Together we were so magical on the dance floor. I leaned my head on his cheast. For once i felt normal, and i loved it.  

Suddenly i heard him whisper in my ear. "your eyes.." 

i instanly knew what he meant. I was hungry, very hungry- it burned my throat just to be so close to him. He pulled me to the side of the dance floor, and down one of the stone hallways. he pulled his clothing down so it was showing his neck. I wasted no time pulling him down to my level and sinking my fangs in. I fed, hungrly holding him. I jumped back at the sound of shattering glass. 

I turned my blood soaken face toward the entrance of the hallway. One of the other maidens from the Ball was staring horror stricken. Glass was everywhere- and wine soaked the ground. 

I reached out to her pleading with my eyes not to tell, but all she saw was a monster. She screamed and ran back into the ball room. I was hurt, i forgot i was a monster to these people. 

Suddenly there was a messy blur before i realised My love was trying to clean off my face with his hankercheif. I let him, i needed to feel weak again. he pulled his coat back up and grabbed my hand tightly. "i knew something like this was going to happen.." he sighed

I stared sadly at him. I felt his heart rate quicken as we were confronted with towns folk who had grabbed anything they could use as a weapon. One of them stepped forward. "monster! Christopher get away from that thing!" 

I flinched and looked up to my dear, who had a stern stare. "This thing is a person- just like us! there is no reason to acuse her." 

The towns people stared shocked and not pleased.  "They both are traitors!" "burn them!" "kill them!" 

shouts and yelling echoed into my ears.  I stared horrified.  Christopher sighed and suddenly picked me up- and started running down the Hallway.He went down a large staircase into the tunnels of the castle. we came upon a large hall, only filled with coffins. He spotted a coffin that had a large cross on it. he spoke to me, in a gentle voice. "Darling, you need to hide. somewhere safe"

I felt tears drip down my face as he continued "after every ones gone- you need to find somewhere safe to live-"

"what about you?"

he paused  then acted like i never said anything. "you can live there, find someone who can help you with you blood issue- or even drink from animals-"

"What About You!" i repeated

he sighed, almost regretful. he leaned down and gently kissed me. it was strange, he was so warm. He stopped way to soon and pulled me in for a hug. "i want you safe. That is all."

he left me to open the stone coffin, luckily it was empty. He looked back at me, and signaled for me to get in. I sniffled for a minute before climbing in. he looked at me one more time- obviously wishing for more time. His gaze shifted to the hall, where the sounds of people were coming from. he kissed me again and closed the coffin. 

it was hard to hear but i thought i heard him and the people run by, i sniffled again. I calmed myself, he had to come back- he has too...

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