Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


3. Tired as Hell

Maci's P.O.V.

     The next morning, well actually just a few hours after I'd decided to go to sleep we were all awoken, and I mean the whole orphanage. So I knew something was up, I mean. Sunday they normally let us sleep in late, but not this Sunday. I tried asking Hella, my favorite of the workers at the orphanage, what was going on, but she didn't answer, and that's when I realized something definitely was wrong. Hella would always tell me if something was up. Her and all of the other workers was running around, cleaning up everything. No-one telling us 'kids' what was really going on. It took me a second to realize that one of two possibilities was happening. Either there was control of the orphanage, or someone very important was coming to adopt, either possibility wasn't very me.

     I went to my room to collect my notebook and a pencil, I then want back to the main area where we, the children, was most off our time, it was here we did our homework for school, ate and entertained us self and our friends. When in the main area, I sat down against a wall, on the floor of cause, I don't know why, I just have a thing for sitting anywhere but on a chair. I flipped the book open on a fresh page, and looked around the room for inspiration on what to draw. In front of me was Cassie and Paige standing, looking terrified.

     Cassie and Paige was the cutest pair of twins ever, they were both five years old obviously, they had the cutest blonde curls, bouncing whenever they move their head just the slightest. They're always together, gets nervous whenever the other wasn't in sight. And right now they both looked terrified.

     “Cassie, Paige. Over here,” I said, waving them over, their heads snapped in my direction, and in less then a second they were standing in front of me, “Why are you so nervous?” I asked.

     “Why aren't you?” they said in unison. I looked at them an chuckled, how could they be so cute, it should be illegal, they are killing me with cuteness. “Maci, do you know what's happening?” they asked, both still looking terrified.

     “Well..,” I started, “there is most certainly gonna happen one of two things,” I looked up at them, they still looked scared.

     “They won't tell us anything,” Paige blurted out, on the verge of tears.

     I embraced the two girls in a hug, shushing them before I continued, “either there's gonna be a check-up on the orphanage, or...” they both looked at me with wide eyes obviously scared of what they didn't know, “or, someone very important is coming to adopt today,” I said.

     The girls looked at each other then back at me, “you sure?” they asked in unison, aww their perfectly cuteness.

     “Yeah, I'm sure,” I said looking at them.

     “Then we should pack our stuff,” Cassie said, most to Paige, but she knew I heard, cause she turned to me afterwards “Don't you think so Maci?” As response I nodded to the little girl standing before me.

     Then they both ran off, up the stairs to their room. I looked down on the fresh paper in my book, and thought I'd draw a pair of angels, actually I kinda just wanted to draw the twins, but they turned into angels, somehow along the way. A thought somehow came to my mind, one that haven't been there in a long time, Maybe you should too go pack up all your things Maci? Just maybe... Nahh what would it change, I won't get adopted anyway. I've learned that the hard way, after eleven years of being here I now know for sure I won't get adopted. Why would they when they could adopt girls like Cassie and Paige? How would such kinda thought even find it's way inside my mind?

     I put in my earphones, hit shuffle and started drawing angels, faces of people I used to know, cartoons I used to watch and things I used to think. At the end I was in a trance, just drawing things I saw around me. I was so tired I didn't even see the chaos around me disappear, nor the five lads coming through the door. I just drew because I know how to do that in my sleep.

     I flipped the page, started drawing mickey mouse, I've always been a big fan of his, and all of his friends of cause. Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse etc.

     I started wondering why I'd stayed up that late, I was so tiered it hurt in my feet. Okay that didn't make sense.., I looked at the ceiling, and noticed there was a hook. I looked at it for a long time before realizing it was from that one time they thought we needed a hammock. Yeah that didn't last for long.

     Okaaaaay, I thought, getting a little to tired are we? Thinking of hooks and hammocks, not to forget the fact that you're talking to yourself in your mind.., FREAKY!

     Yep I'm definitely getting over tired.

     I looked at the clock a quarter to four, hmm, it's soon time for you daily snack Maci, and I'm doing it again.., so instead of turning my attention on my weirdo self, I looked around the room, and that's when I noticed the five lads sitting at one of the tables coloring with some of the girls. It was properly them who caused all the chaos this morning, actually thinking of it, I hadn't moved since this morning, that's like eight hour straight, just siting on the floor.., and now I can feel it in my arse, it hurts.

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