Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


7. Going Shopping

Maci's P.O.V.

     After we'd finished breakfast, the lads had somehow talked me into go shopping. I've never really been the girly girl, and never really found it fun to go shopping. So this shall indeed be fun, note the sarcasm...

     We got in the van, and after driving for about twenty minutes, we arrived at a mall. It was ginormous. We got inside, and actually there really wasn't many people.

     The lads started dragging me from shop to shop, bought me a lot of clothes, and other stuff they thought I might needed. I didn't really pay much attention, more just listening to music through my head phones. I think we'd spent a good five hours there, when Niall finally decided it was time for lunch. Without realizing it I suddenly gave Niall the biggest hug of the day, just because he'd mentioned the word lunch.

     We found a cute little restaurant, and ordered our food, me and Niall ordering the most.

     “She's such a little Niall,” Zayn said laughing as I'd ordered.

     “No I'm not,” I said, tilting my head.

     “Nope not at all,” Harry said cheekily.

     I looked at Niall, who looked back at me, “am I really that bad to be compared to?” he asked sounding a bit hurt.

     “No, I didn't mean it like that,” I assured him, before pulling him in for a tight hug.

     “Aww, how cute,” Louis said, looking at us, as did the rest of the lads.

     “Whatever,” I said shrugging it off.

     “Actually, I have a question for you,” Liam said.

     “Okay shoot,” I said looking at him, he seemed way to serious for my liking.

     “Alright, all day you seemed kinda off,” he began, looked at me, dramatic pause, then continued, “like you were in your own world, what's that about?”

     I looked from him to the rest of the lads, who were nodding agreeing. “Well, I'm not exactly the shopping kinda girl,” I said.

     “Yeah, but what is it you've been listening to the whole day then?” Louis asked.

     “Music,” I said in a duh tone, to witch they mentioned for me to continue, “Emblem3, they're my favorite band of all time.”

     “Uhh, we know them,” Niall said suddenly.

     “Yeah, sweet guys,” said Liam in a matter of fact tone. It took me a second to remember, but eventually I did, the lads have met them. 'OMG this is HUGE' said the little voice in my head.

     “So she can fan girl over Emblem3, but not One Direction, who's an even bigger phenomenon worldwide,” Louis said. 'Shit did I just say that out loud' I thought.

     “Language,” Liam said a little annoyed, “and yes you just said that out loud.”

     “I need to learn how control my thoughts,” I said.

     “That you do too,” Harry said in a playful tone.

     “So what do you else think I need to do?” I asked, looking directly at Harry.

     “Uhmm, nothing,” he said blondely.

     “C'mon, tell me it sounded like there was something else,” I said teasingly.

     “No, it's really nothing,” he said innocently, closing the conversation, just as our food finally arrived.

     Me and Niall started digging in, and even though we'd ordered about the double of the rest of the lads, we still managed to finish first. Like before they were even half way through, so to kill time, I decided to snatch Louis' phone, since he was seated next to me. Me being perfectly thief, he didn't have the slightest clue. I opened up his twitter to see a lot of tweets from all of their fans. I answered a few, like blah blah blah one direction says: I Love You Guys. Got answered with: We Love You Guys Too.

     Niall's phone started buzzing, and after he'd looked at it, his eyes flew right to Louis., then they landed on me. We locked eyes for a second, he then smirked and chuckled, earning all of the lads attention. “Maci, you do know you properly just game some pure girl a heart attack, right?” Now all of the lads' attention on me.

     “What do you mean?” I asked playing it innocent.

     “How'd she do that?” Harry asked, looking puzzled.

     “By answering a fan's tweet.., with Louis' user name,” he said as if was nothing, but the lads' gasping told me otherwise.

     “Pure girl,” Louis said, “Wait, when did you take my phone?”

     “Like five seconds ago,” I said, then turning my attention to Niall, “and if you hadn't said anything, I could done funnier things,” I said, “It's all your fault Horan!” I said faking hurt.

     “Oi, I didn't mean it like that,” he said, coming over to my side, “you're not really mad are you?” he said, almost sounding afraid to hear the answer, hmm maybe I should play a little more on this.

     “Yes I am, you really hurt me,” I said pretending to be hurt.

    “Can you please forgive me,” he said looking down, gosh did he really think it hurt me? Just because he told Lou I'd snatched his phone. I looked up at the rest of the lads, who also looked like they were afraid I was hurt, am I really that good of an actor?

     “Don't worry I'm not mad,” I said, “how could I ever get mad at a leprechaun?” I asked, and instantly his face lit up.

     “You're not?” he asked, not believing, the rest of the lads also looking at me like something was wrong, relief washing over their faces.

     “No I'm really not,” I said, “well, is there anything else we need to do, or can we pleeeease go home?” I whined.

     “No, not yet,” Harry smirked, oh boy what is he thinking? “We still need to go in Victoria's secret,” he said, of cause he wanted to go there, I swear already I know for sure these people are perverts.

     I sighted and got up from my seat, “you coming then?” I asked Haz, who instantly jumped up and followed me, a bit to enthusiastic if you ask me.


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