Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


5. Adopted

Maci's P.O.V.

     After lunch we all returned to the main area. The five lads from before was gone. Making a lot of the girls sad, we all knew this meant they've chosen who to adopt. Which was sad of course for the ones that still haven't introduced themselves to the lads.

     Well there's nothing left for me to do, I thought, and went to my room. I knew the five lads properly would be in the office, signing the papers, and I knew that if I wanted to I could easily find out who they'd adopted, but today I just.., didn't feel like it. So instead I went to my room, blasting Emblem3 through my earphones. Not really doing anything, looking at the wall, seeing how time flew by.

     I want to wake up on the beach

     Wake up with you by my side

     We could spend the day in blankets tight

     You just tell me where

     And I can take you there

     We're straight broke, living like Billionaires



     You're my Lucy in the Sky

     There's diamonds in you eyes


     We can be one love

     We can be one light

     Just for One Day


     I said weee

     We could be one love

     We only got one life

     So let's get away

     Just for One Day

     I starred a bit at the wall before me, I've been in my room for about an hour, still not doing anything. I brought out my notebook, actually I tend to do that a lot when I'm bored. Like I think it'll make the boredom go away, but it doesn't really, it just make me rage on the paper, instead of my mind.

     Uhmm, male voices, outside my door. So they've probably chosen by now. Next thing I didn't expect. My door slowly opened, and in stepped Louis, then followed by four lads.

     “Uhmm, hi Louis.., and co.” I said waving at his friends, furrowing my eyebrows, and his friends did the same. So at least I'm not the only one surprised by this.

     “Hi Maci,” Louis said like it wasn't weird at all.

     “Shouldn't you guys, like I don't know, adopt someone?” I asked.

     “Yes, and we are.”

     “Who?” I blurted out blondely.

     “You!” he said all serious, earning weird looks from both me and his friends.

     “Are you serious?” I asked not believing my own ears, shaking my head. To which he just nodded, “no, you can't be serious.., No,” I said trying to convince myself.

     The curly haired boy with green eyes looked at Louis, as me not believing it either, “Louis are you sure?” he asked, “I mean she looks like she's seventeen,” he said looking from me to Louis, and Louis just kept on nodding.

     “Yeah we can say seventeen,” I muttered under my breath, apparently it was loud enough for them to hear. Since all of their heads snapped in my direction.

     “How old are you sweetie?” asked a buff cut guy.

     I knew I couldn't get out of this one, so I might as well just go with the truth, “fifteen,” I said sweetly.

     The curly haired boy looked back at Louis, “still, Louis. As far as I remember this isn't what we agreed on.”

     “Yeah, but this is how it's gonna be Harry,” Louis said in a bit harsh tone, so Harry was he's name, okay. “Don't worry you'll love her,” he continued looking at me.

     “How can you be so sure, YOU don't even know me,” I said looking directly at Louis.

     “Well, yeah.., but you're the only one that doesn't seem to be over exited just because we're world famous,” he started, the lads now looking relived, me being mind-fucked, famous what? “you really had no idea,” he said chuckling a bit of my expression.

     “Well.., no, not at all,” I said looking at the five lads before me, how they even got into my small room, amazes me, “How are you famous?” I asked dumbfounded, but also wondering how I did not know this.

      Now all of the five lads were laughing at me, not nice, not nice at all. “Well have you ever heard of this band called One Direction?” asked the blonde, he sounded Irish?

     “Yeah, of cause,” I said as if it was nothing, “not really my style, never thought of checking up on them cause of that,” I said shrugging.

     “Well,” the blonde started.

     “Now you're gonna live with them,” said the dark one, I just realized he hadn't spoken at all this whole time.

     “Ohh,” I said, and judging by their laugh, I must've made a funny face. Sometimes I'm so weird, like someone gone mental. Lately it just feels like Cookie have rubbed off on me. “Alright, then I should get packing,” I said getting off of my bed. Stumbling into Mr buff cut on my way to the closet. “Umm, sorry,” I said.

     “Are you okay,” he asked.

     “Yeah you seemed tired all day,” Louis said.

     “Yeah, just fine,” I said straightening out myself.

     “No really, Love. Are you okay,” Harry asked.

     I looked around, and all the lads, my new guardians, looked at me worried. I looked down my feet chuckling a little before looking at them each, “yeah, just fine. But last night I didn't really sleep, because I'd been drinking energy.., well let's say energy drink isn't the best to drink in the middle of the night,” I said smiling, and the blonde was the first to burst out laughing. Soon to be followed by the rest of the lads.

      “You stayed up all night, high on energy drink,” the dark one said when he'd caught his breath, witch only made the other laugh harder.

     “Shh, don't say it that loud, energy drinks aren't even allowed here,” I said, if it even was possible, they were now laughing harder than before. The Irish lad was lying on the floor holding his stomach, his face was even redder than a tomato.

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