Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


6. A New Home

Maci's P.O.V.

     After I finished packing all of my stuff, I went downstairs where the lads was waiting for me. When I reached the button of the stairs, I was being attacked by all the girls, wanting to say their goodbye. I gave each of them a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek, wishing them good luck. After that I turned to Hella, she immediately pulled me in for tight hug. I gave her kiss on the cheek, and turned to the lads, then we walked out the door. Who knows if I ever would come back to my home of eleven years.

     Outside the orphanage was a black van, the Irish and the dark one climbed in the backseat. Then Harry climbed in the front seat, and Louis climbed in the middle, Mr buff cut mentioned for me to follow Lou, and after I've gotten in the middle, he followed sitting beside me. It was around then I realized there was a driver too.

     I looked outside as the streets of London went by. I felt my eyelids get heavy, and rested my head on Mr buff cut's shoulder, drifting off to sleep. It was also getting late, I thought to myself, it's okay to be tired.


     I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I knew it couldn't be my bed, cause this one was actually comfy. While thinking of getting up, I turned to the other side of the bed, I buried myself under the covers. This was SO nice, just five more minutes I thought. But I didn't get my five minutes, soon I heard footsteps and low whispering.

     “Should we wake her up,” one whispered.

     “We could let her sleep,” weird are you then just gonna watch me sleep? I thought.

     “I vote for singing her awake,” an Irish accent whispered.

     “I vote for that too,” two voices whispered in unison.

     “I'll just get my guitar,” the Irish one said, and then I heard footsteps leave the room, only to come back short after.

     I then heard the string of a guitar, I didn't recognize the song to start of with, or at all, but I did heard five lads singing in perfect harmony.

     “Baby you light up my world like nobody else,

     The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

     But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,

     You don't know,

     Oh ohh,

     You don't know you're beautiful,

     If only you saw what I could see,

     You'd understand why I want you so desperately.

      Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe,

     You don't know,

     Oh ohh,

     You don't know you're beautiful,

     Oh ohh,

      That's what makes you beautiful.”

     And by the end of the song, I was being attacked by several persons. I jumped up, a bit scared at first, but then I remembered the impossible had happened. I've been adopted, by the five crazy lads, who were now attacking me.

      “G'morning babe,” said the dark one, gosh I need to learn their names.

     “Goooood Moooorning,” sang Louis in a happy tone, a bit to happy if you ask me.

      “Lou, it's too early to be that happy,” I said in a tired tone, before hiding my face in the nearest pillow.

      “Uhh, someones not a morning person,” said the dark one with a smirk.

     “No, no not really,” I said, trying my best to sound like Phineas and Ferb. All the lads started laughing, “so.., any special reason to wake me up,” I said looking at the still laughing lads, “or you just did it for the fun of it?”

      “Yeah, breakfast,” Mr buff cut said, “and we couldn't let you sleep all day.”

     “In my defense I would like to say, I was gonna wake up... eventually,” I said looking maybe a bit to serious, judging by the laughs.

     “Whatever you say,” he said rolling his eyes. The lads then disappearing out of my room, leaving me alone. I sighted and went to my bathroom, to take a quick shower. Ended up being not as short as I'd like it to be.

     I found my bag next to the walk-in-closet, untouched, the way I liked it. I pulled out a gray jumper and a pair of skinny jeans, brushed my hair, and looked in the mirror. Not worst if I may say so myself. You're talking to yourself again Maci! a little voice in the back of my head told me. Sometimes I'm almost sure I could be judged mental, if only I said all my thoughts out loud. Leaving the thoughts behind, I took my iPod and started blasting Emblem3, I really have a thing for that band.

     I closed the door behind me, as I tried to find the kitchen. Maybe you should just follow the loud voices of the lads, said the little voice in my head, sometimes it's actually helpful, other times, just annoying.

     In the kitchen I found all the lads eating, funnily enough. I took a seat beside Louis, since he's the only of them I actually talked the slightest with. A plate with pancakes was sat in front of me by Mr buff cut, I mumbled a 'Thank you', and started digging in the food.

     “Whoa, easy there, mini Horan,” I looked up to see a smirk on the dark ones face.

     “What does that even mean?” I asked bluntly, “And you gotta tell me your names.”

     “First off, it means he think you eat as much as me,” said the Irish lad, I looked weirdly at him, yeah I have a huge appetite, but I kinda don't think he would be able to keep up, as skinny as he was, “and you don't know our names?” he asked, looking straight at me.

     “Well, I know Louis,” I said as Louis smirked, “and Harry,” Harry who also immediately lit up.

     “How come you know their names and not mine,” said the dark one, pretending to look hurt, Mr buff cut instantly at his side, to comfort him.

      “Aww, Ziam moment,” the Irish one said, Harry and Louis also looked at them with an 'aww' expression, “by the way I'm Niall,” said the Irish one.

     “Okay so Niall,” I said and then turned to Mr buff cut, aww I like that name, “aaand..,” I said mentioning for him to continue.

     “The name's Payne, Liam Payne,” he said all James Bond'ish.

     I then turned to the dark one, “and I'm Zayn,” he said, “It's nice to meet finally meet you Maci, the lads have said so much wonderful about you,” he said stretching out his hand for me to shake. I of course heard the sarcasm in his voice, but I don't think the rest of the lads did, since they looked at him weirdly.

     “Yup, nice to meet you too,” I said popping the p, while shaking his hand. So now I just have to remember who's Niall, who's Zayn and who's Liam. Maybe I'll still call Liam Mr buff cut, I liked that better...

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