Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles has had a hard life. Getting picked on just because of what he wears. He never has been that kind of guy who played with girls feelings. He thinks that no one will ever like him untill he meets someone new to the school that changes his life :) By: Daniela Q.


2. No more bullies

Danielas POV

      I had told Marcel that I would meet him at school to go to first period. First period was English. English was very easy for me. Me and Marcel were the smartest people in our class.The only subject I had trouble with was Math. I was finaly at school looking around for Marcel,when I saw some kid beating Marcel up. I ran towards then to help Marcel. "Stop your hurting him," I shouted. The kid aperantly named Josh started flirting with me." Well hello beatiful." I pushed him and ran to grab Marcel's hand." Don't you ever touch Marcel again."I said. "Whatever you say "princess" But you will regret choosing the nerd over me." "Well I'm glad I chose the "nerd" instead of you." The bell rang and everybody left the hall besides me and Marcel. I relized I was still holding his hand. I saw Marcel blush while he was looking at our hands. I looked and saw that we were still connected. "Oh I'm sorry."I said trying to let go. "It's fine, I kinda liked it."I smiled. Then he smiled showing me have cute dimple. And with our hands still connected we walked to class, not caring we were late. 

Marcels POV 

      Daniela had helped me get out of a beating. While she stuck up for me, she was holding my hand through it. I admit I was kinda growing a crush for her. I was planning to ask her to the dance in 3 weeks. Anyways we held hands al the way to first period. Next class was math and I could tell she had a hard time in math. After class I noticed she was sad. "What's wrong Daniela?"i asked her. "I'm having a hard time with math." "It's. never been my best subject." she said. "Maybe I can help you." I told her. "Really, you'd help me!! " "Yeah come to my house after school. Ok thanks Marcel your the best! She said as she gave me a hug. No problem. :) and with that we both left to our final classes befour school ended.


  hey guys so what do you think about my movella do you guys like it or not plz comment and tell me if its good or not. Also cheak out my other new movella Will This All End By Heartbreak. Thanks for everything - <3 Daniela 

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