Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles has had a hard life. Getting picked on just because of what he wears. He never has been that kind of guy who played with girls feelings. He thinks that no one will ever like him untill he meets someone new to the school that changes his life :) By: Daniela Q.


3. Help

Marcel's POV

           "Hi mum this is my friend Daniela." "Hello nice to meet you Daniela." "Nice to meet you too Mrs. Styles." "Please just call me Anne." "So what brings you over here Daniela?" "Well I'm going to help Daniela,she's been having a hard time in math." "Ok well while your here would you like to join us for dinner?" "Um alright thank you." "Mum we will be in my room if you need anything." "Ok"  

--------------------1 Hour Later--------------

"Do you understand it now?" I asked Daniela. "Yeah, it was preaty easy since I have such an Awsome teacher." "Thanks, anyways what class do u take last peroid class cuse that's the class  I didn't see you at." "Oh yeah it's beacuse we take diffrent classes." "I take violin an you take Extra Science." "Oh you know how to play the violin?"I asked. "Yup I've been playing it since the 4th grade and been chosen for Honors Violin every year since I've started." "You should teach me sometime." I said. "Sure whenever you want." Daniela replyed. Dinners ready!!! I heard my mum shout from downstairs. "Coming!"we replyed. "What for dinner mum?" I said. "Hope you like meatloaf." She asked Daniela. "Yeah I love meatloaf." "Great dig in." 


"The meal was very yummy but I have to go home." "Ok goodbye." "Ill walk you out" We were at the doorway when I said," Goodbye Daniela." "Goodbye Marcel" she was about to leave when she turned back and gave me a kiss on my check witc made me blush. "I'll see you at school tomarrow." She said as she turned around and left to her house.            

A/N. Hey guys so sorry That this chapter was really boring. I didn't have any inspirations going on in my head but I have an idea for the next chapter witch I am going to publish after this one so plz keep reading!!!! -Daniela

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