Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles has had a hard life. Getting picked on just because of what he wears. He never has been that kind of guy who played with girls feelings. He thinks that no one will ever like him untill he meets someone new to the school that changes his life :) By: Daniela Q.


1. A Day In The Life Of Marcel Styles

Marcel's POV 

        People think that I'm a nerd because I'm smart, I care about school, and I don't play with girls feelings. Once you become the biggest nerd I school you need to get used to the picking on,and beatings. I start off my day by getting on the bus. I was getting out my books from my locker when I saw Josh (The Jock) I tried to walk as fast as I could to try to avoid the beating but it was too late, I had felt someone tug at my backpack and turned to see that it was Josh." Hey Marcel were do you think your going." All of the suddenly he threw me to my locker. Then he got me and threw his fist to my face witch made me fall to the ground. I thought that there would be more but suddenly, he stopped. I was looking for my glasses when I felt someone put them on for me. I saw that it was was a very preaty girl who had put them on for me. She had black hair and brown eyes.  "Hi my names Daniela." "I'm Marcel." "Um can I ask you, why do you let them beat you up?"she asked. "Because I don't have any friends and sit alone at lunch, and they makefun at me because of how I dress." I told her.  "What?" " Ok so you sitting alone and having no friends... That will change :) and how you dress you look so cute with your vests!! Cute as a button!!" she told me. That made me blush and smile. We had a few classes together and walked to most classes together. Lunch came along and I thought she would go and make more friends and popular friends, but she didn't she sat with me the whole day through. At lunch she sat at the same lunch table as I had. " wait your accully sitting at the same table as I am?" Yeah I promised I would, anyways we are friends right?" Yeah of course we are. It made me happy to know that I had a friend that likes me for who I am. :) School was over and Daniela's mum would come pick her up. I waited untill her mum came. I said goodbye to her when she was in her car. I ran off to the bus stop like I always did. I got home and gave a hug to my mum. I told her all about Daniela and how we were best friends. That's great honey, I'd love to meet her. Yeah I'll let you meet her someday. My day was finally over so I went to take a hot shower. I got out and put some shorts on and went to bed. I was very happy that I would see my friend once again.  :)


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