pain pain ran away, came back another day

a girl's straggle with her memory loss leading her to where she began


1. the begining of everything

I woke up, saw white ceiling and five strange people; a girl with a red eyes that kept pouring tears, an old woman with a weird clothes and depressed look on her face, two young men; one is looking at the floor and have a dark circle around his eyes, the second is walking in cir.. no running in circles and the last one was a normal boy.

I looked at them for a moments without saying anything and I was planing to keep doing  that but that girl noticed me and said "Ah you woke up!" and then all of them looked at me at once but no one said any other word that made me uncomfortable so I really wanted to know who they were so I asked "Sorry, but who are you people?" no body responded and they left the room one after another like nothing had happened but the last person who left was that boy who looked normal he stared at me, I stared back and then he said "Really?! you are s..." and left before he continued the sentence.

And now that things calmed down I looked at the room and noticed that I didn't know where I am... no I don't even know who I am ... I was so calm that it didn't feel real I just thought "Can I go out now?" I saw a bag lying at the floor I wondered if it was mine or for that girl or that old woman so I opened it and saw a beautiful girl with blue eyes and dark black girl but that girl wasn't laughing in picture she was just looking without any expression on her face she didn't look sad but nether happy she looked like nothing ...

When I saw the picture I wondered how I looked like and what kind of expression I'm making right now who am I what's my name I stopped thinking about my identity when I looked in the mirror I knew everything I wanted to know and I stopped even thinking about it when I looked at the mirror I saw that girl that was wearing the no expression face.

the name that was written at the picture must be mine then this identity card must be mine ... I'm Yuki Yakima, 21 years old, unmarried and finally I ... I ... I don't have family anymore... well not like I can feel sad about not having what I don't remember so I just didn't feel sad but actually happy that now I know what my name is.

I checked out of the hospital thing they told me the yellow car outside will take me to my home so I rode it and it took me to an apartment that looked new and expensive it didn't look familiar it looked everything but familiar I saw my name on the apartment door beside the number 3-4 I walked inside and saw nothing but a sofa in the middle of the room, TV in front of it, small table on top of it a laptop and a door to the bathroom.

the room looked so simple that I liked it I was so tired so I wanted to sleep so I slept on the sofa covering myself with my jacket ...


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