we were ment for each other

a pack of 6 female wolves. kite, lani, savvy, ebony, fang, and fioni. they come across 6 male wolves know as long ago the sirius crew. morgan, edurado, russell, christopher, nathan, and thomas. they have a run in with hunter and the girls save them. little do they know, when the each find their love, what will happen?


1. infomation

name: Kite

age: 27

gender: female

appearance: white back and top of tail and ears, black head, middle of torso and middle tail, and reddish brown under belly and under tail with green eyes

personality: she is motherly, kind, a little shy but also brave, hot headed, and stubborn


name: Lani


gender: female

appearance:white with a black foot, a black butterfly on rear, and black tail tip with a black star on her cheek

personality: snippy, stubborn, and hot headded, but also, sweet, generous, and kite's best friend




gender: female

appearance: black, navy blue, grey, and white all over her and light navy blue X's on her front legs

personality: she is happy-go-lucky, cheerful, sweet, and kind but can be, deadly, tough, and stubborn





appearance:white with light blue markings on her shoulder and the tip of her tail

personality: quiet, keeps to her self, shy, but also, happy, cheerful, and scary





appearance: black with bandages around front ankles and a japinese letter on shoulder

personality: annoying, deadly, immature, but also protective, mature at times, and kind




appearance: light brown with a tan underbelly and black tail tip

personality: childish, immature, happy go lucky, but also kind, protective, and funny

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