Lost And No Where To Go

It was just an ordinary day for Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn (One Direction) Untill Harry gets this 'bright' idea of going to the U.S. to have some fun. What happens when they wake up in the woods, with their bus gone, and Niall is missing? Who do they run into? Who do they trust? Will they survive? Will they find Niall? READ TO FIND OUT(:


4. Its Ashley

Harry's Pov:

I wathced her fall to  the ground, i didnt hesitate to help her up. "He's gone Alyssa, all because of us." I said. "Im sorry" Alyssa told me. I ignored and ran and left her there. It was hard but she was just distraction. Cold tears ran down my face.

Niall's Pov:


I woke up. Where am I.? I heard a girly voice come out of the dark sketchy corner. "Who are you? And why are you doing this?" I asked scared but angry at the same time.  Then the lights turned on. "It couldnt be." I said shocked.  It is. It's Ashley. She was with a blonde girl. Who was she.? I was tied down to a chair. Wait. Their was more people. A lot of more people. I see Zayn, Liam and Louis also tied up. Wait where's Harry? I look to the left... Oh my god! It's Lou and Lux! "Nooooo" I said out loud. I remembered i had my pocket knife with me. I quickly pulled it out and cut the ropes that were keeping my hands together. I tried to get up, but Ashley noticed and pushed me down to the ground. I heard a scream. It was Lux. Ashley took my knife, and is now holding it up against Lux neck. I grabbed her foot and pulled it. As I tugged at her foot, the knife slipped and cut Lux's neck. I screamed and Harry ran into the room.  Harry instantly ran over to Lux and Ashley. "How could you do this!?" Harry shouted at Ashley. "Like this." Ashley said as she stabbed Harry's side. "HARRY!" the blonde girl ran over to him. "Alyssa! What're you doing?" shley shouted at the girl, who's name i blieve is Alyssa. "What am i doing?! What're you doing?! You've gone to far!" Alyssa shouted back at her, with tears rolling down her arm. "Alyssa, you're supposed to be on MY side." She told her. "I cant.." Alyssa told her quietly trying not to look at Ashley. She was crying you could tell. I'm so confused. How does she know Harry. How long have i been knocked out. Lux now passed out. Everyone who's awake, or conciouse were crying. Especially Lou. She was a mess. I would'nt blame her. This all too much. I need to get up. I was weak. I tried and couldnt. ,

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