Lost And No Where To Go

It was just an ordinary day for Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn (One Direction) Untill Harry gets this 'bright' idea of going to the U.S. to have some fun. What happens when they wake up in the woods, with their bus gone, and Niall is missing? Who do they run into? Who do they trust? Will they survive? Will they find Niall? READ TO FIND OUT(:


1. gone

Harry's Pov:


  Lets go to the U.S. and just be ourselfs. I told them. We are ourselfs. Louis said. No lets go party do all of it in one night. Live our lives as normal teenagers.I told them. Im gonna stay here with my girl friend. "Okay than." I told Zayn. "Lets get some girls... and some food." Niall said. "Alright." I told them. We take off in the tour bus to the U.S.


2 hours later we woke up in some woods and our  bus is gone, and so is Niall and Liam. "What the hell do we do?"I asked freaking out. Louis looks over and see's liam. He's on a grassy log... Stabbed. "Harry I see Liam, and he is hurt. He's bleeding everywhere" Louis said. "Is he dead..?" I asked worried. Suddenly we heard Liam say someting. "Go find Niall. They took him." Liam moaned as his eyes shut slowly. " WHO HAS HIM!?" I shouted. A cold tear just rolled down my face. "It's okay, mate. We'll find him." Louis said to me, trying to calm me down. But I couldnt calm down, knowing Niall is out their somewhere lost, maybe even hurt. "I think i know who it is!" I said. "Who?" Louis asked concerned. "Im not sure, but i think its Ashley. Niall and her had a thing together, but she got all crazy and obsessive. So Niall broke up with her. Ever since then she's been threatening him. He didnt actually believe her, and i didnt either." I told Louis. "WHY DIDNT YOU GUYS TELL US?!" He asked angrily. We didnt think it was serious. Like i said we didnt think she was actually gonna do anything." i told him. Looking back i wish i did tell somebody. "Harry, Its her." Louis said to me holding my phone. "She sent you a text message." He said worried. "What does it say.?" I asked. "I wanna play a game. If you can get out of there alive, you can have Niall back. if not, Niall dies and so does Zayn." Louis read from my phone. "But Zayn's back at the flat.?" I told Louis. "Then so is she." He told me.

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