Lost And No Where To Go

It was just an ordinary day for Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn (One Direction) Untill Harry gets this 'bright' idea of going to the U.S. to have some fun. What happens when they wake up in the woods, with their bus gone, and Niall is missing? Who do they run into? Who do they trust? Will they survive? Will they find Niall? READ TO FIND OUT(:


2. Girl In The Woods

Louis's Pov:

"We need to get to the flat." I told Harry. "But we have to be careful, Ashley said 'Get Out Of There Alive'. Their is stuff that might be harmful in the woods." He said. "It is harmful in here." I heard a scared whisper. "What was that." Harry said with a scared tone. "Its a girl." I told him. "What?" Harry said surpirsed and confused. "My name is Alyssa, and I've been here for months, now." We heard the scared girl say. "How did you get here?" I asked the girl which i guess name is Alyssa. "Her name was Ashley, I was her best friend, untill she went crazy and escaped from an Insane Asylum. For What? I dont know. She drugged me, and took me here. I really dont know why." Alyssa said. "How old are you?" Harry asked. "19" Alyssa said. "Harry, Not the time!" I told him annoyed. "What do you mean?" He asked me with bright rosy red cheeks. "Harry, you know what I mean." I told him getting frustrated. "Whatever." Harry said. He's trying to flirt with some girl he just met in the woods,when we're looking for our friends, who might be dead. "Alyssa, Do you know how to get out of here?" I asked. "Yes, buts its way too dangerous." She told me scared. "What do you mean by 'dangerous?" Harry asked. "She has hidden traps, and She has people out here, everywhere. You can't see them, but they can see you."  She said. "I know where your friend is." She added. "WHERE!?" Harry and I shout at the same time. "Not where you think he is.." She said.  "What do you mean, by where we think he is?" I asked her confused. "They did the exact same thing to me." She told us. "What do you mean by 'they'?" Harry asked and gave her a confused look. "Her and her boyfriend." She  told us. "Im not quite sure who he is though." She told us. "Well we'll figure it out soon, but right now we need to get some rest." I told them.

Alyssa's Pov:

I see Louis found a spot on a old tree stomp. I see him close his eyes, and he slowly falls asleep. I look over to where Harry is and i see tears rolling down his face. I walk over to him to see if he's okay. How am i supposed to do this to him.. I feel so bad. I lay down next to Harry.



Harry's Pov:

What is she doing. Even though i only knew her for a day, i feel more safe with her. I wrap my arm around her and we both slowly fell asleep.

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