Lost And No Where To Go

It was just an ordinary day for Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn (One Direction) Untill Harry gets this 'bright' idea of going to the U.S. to have some fun. What happens when they wake up in the woods, with their bus gone, and Niall is missing? Who do they run into? Who do they trust? Will they survive? Will they find Niall? READ TO FIND OUT(:


3. cute but serouis

Harry's Pov:

I woke up and I still have Alyssa in my arms, she looked up at me and smiled. I got up and woke up Louis. He swung his arm at me tierdly. I pulled him up as his arms hung to the ground, Alyssa chuckeld, and stood up and pecked my cheek. Louis' eye's widened fast.

"What is he doing." I heard Louis muttered to himself. "Niall missing, and we need to find him" i hear shouted. "Okay, mate. We will." I told him. Alyssa took my hand and held me close, and cried. I ran my fingers through her soft blonde locks. I thought to myslef, i might just love her.

Alyssa's Pov:

He is so soft. I need him. My tears dried and i started kissing him. I grabbed his waist and slowly pulled him against mine. I felt something. He was getting a little bit too excited. "LOUIS IS GONE!" Harry shouted at he pushed me away.


Sorry about the short chaoter. Gonna do a LONG Niall one tomorrow. Promise(:



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