A Turn Of Events - Charlie's Story

Fourth in the series of A Turn Of Events, this is Charlie's story.
Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


5. Part 5 - The dreaded Phone call

Ellie's in India but I have to tell her before its too late. I dialled the number and waited for her to answer.

"Hello?" Her sweet voice answered

"Ellie, hi its Charlie" I said trying not to sound ill but straight away Ellie knew something was wrong.

"Charlie, what's wrong. What's happened"

"I'm fine Ellie but you need to listen to me, I'm ill and I think im too ill this time. You might not see me by the time you get home so I wa-"

"No, No Charlie don't do this" She started to cry. "You promised me it wouldn't be soon! I need to be next to you. You can't leave you promised me" Ellie said I could tell she had started to cry.

"I know I did my Princess but I cant stay."

"I'll be there soon. Wait until I'm home at least. I need to see you" she said before she hung up the phone.

I wrote her a letter and gave it to Tim to give her after I died.

I didn't want to leave but it was time. When Ellie got back she came to the Hospital and sat by me.

She cried and held my hand and refused to leave when the nurses told her to go.

She stayed with me for 72 hours straight. The possibility of me dying kept her awake.

"Ellie" I whispered to her and her head jerked to look at me

"It's time" I said, and she began to cry again. It hurt me to see her like this.

"No. I forbid you to go" she cried even more. She knew I was going to go, and knew I was in pain. she took a deep breath then nodded. I lay my head back on the pillow and smiled.

"I wont leave you" I said, Then I closed my eyes and let my breath go.

I imagine Ellie screaming just like she had when Kevin died.

I didn't want to leave but I couldn't stay any more.

Ellie didn't need me anymore, she was a big girl and could look after herself.

And anyway. I'm with Kevin, and I still see my girl everyday.

She's sad but she's mending very slowly.

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