A Turn Of Events - Charlie's Story

Fourth in the series of A Turn Of Events, this is Charlie's story.
Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


3. Part 3 - Dreams Upon The Horizon

Me and Ellie walked hand in hand to the cliff.

Our eyes were misted and we were trying our hardest not to cry.

When we got there we sat down at the edge, our legs dangling over the side.

"I always dreamt when I was a little girl that I'd follow the horizon and see where I would go" Ellie said smiling slightly.

"I always wanted to go to India, and find my dad. My mum hardly spoke about him but when she did she said that he ran away to India I was going to go but I cant not now" I said.

"Do you think he's up there Charlie? In heaven with his parents and sisters?" Ellie asked looking up at the red sky.

"Yeah, I mean he did his fair few sins but im sure he's been forgiven and let to be in peace with his family" I answered truthfully

"It doesn't seem real does it?"

"No but at least they are all together" we sat in silent for a few minutes until Ellie laid her head on my shoulder.

"Never leave me Charlie, don't leave me like Kevin did"

"I wont. I promise"


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