A Turn Of Events - Charlie's Story

Fourth in the series of A Turn Of Events, this is Charlie's story.
Warnings of some scenes you may find upsetting


2. Part 2 - The Orange Blanket

When Kevin died, everyone was in shock. The Police, firemen and the Ambulance turned up and began to pull the bodies from the car. Three.

Kevin James Robinson, 18 male dead

Alexandra Kiera Robinson 16 female dead

Jessica Alisha Robinson 15 female dead

So much emotion lay on that one scene but for us it was so much worse.

When their car got hit, Ellie's reaction was so emotional that it could have silenced the entire planet.

When the ambulance got to the crash me Ellie and everyone else had got out of our car.

Me and Ellie sat on the bank on the other side of the track away from the body of our best friend.

A police woman had come over with an Orange shock blanket and draped it over our shoulders.

 We held each others hand and shook as our tears poured out of our eyes and into a puddle at our feet.

That was it. Three had become two. The two musketeers. Doesn't really have the same ring to it.

Kevin was gone, nothing mattered anymore.

For us both it just felt like we had died with him. We decided to have the funeral where we were.

With his parents dead and no more family there was no need to take him home.

Me and Ellie were the last to say goodbye, She sang gone as they lowered his body into the ground.

The words of the song burned themselves into my heart, carvings that would remain in me.

Then the day after the funeral we all went home. For Ellie that meant to a man who I knew would care for her and keep her safe and help her heal. Her brother.

For me my mum who I knew would help me keep Kevin close, and would help me, in time mend my soul but for now, we were broken.

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