you are my one and only

17 year old hannah get hit by a car when going to a one direction concert when she wakes up she is surrounded by 5 faces who are but the one and only ONE DIRECTION what happens when she falls in love with a cute irsh boy will her love her back ? will her mental dad come back to find her ? and will her ex boyfriend matt want her back ? what will happen to her and niall ? read to find out


1. intro


Hi my name is Hannah brown i live with my mother and older brother Sean we used to live in Ireland but moved to London coz of my father he nearly  killed my family but enough about that .i have long blond hair with purple at the ends . i have bright blue eyes and i am kinda skinny i don't worry about my weight i will eat what i want and that,s it. i am love one direction i am a Nialls  girl i wouldn't call my family rich but we are not poor my mother bought two tickets to one direction for me and my best friend Kate i cant wait and neither can she . (so guys this id just a little sample of what hannah is like i really hope ye like this book thanks xxbeccaxx )



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