you are my one and only

17 year old hannah get hit by a car when going to a one direction concert when she wakes up she is surrounded by 5 faces who are but the one and only ONE DIRECTION what happens when she falls in love with a cute irsh boy will her love her back ? will her mental dad come back to find her ? and will her ex boyfriend matt want her back ? what will happen to her and niall ? read to find out


5. going home

harrys P.O.V 

we waked into Hannah's room and there she was lying on the bed  she is beautiful i could tell Niall liked her her eyes started to flick open niall spoke to her she was cute she asked was this just a dream  so i answerd her when i called her love Niall gave me a death glare next think i know she was screaming and docters came rushing in we all got put out Niall was in tears 

 Hannahs P.O.V 

i woke up with Niall by my side oh hey Hannah you are up he said his eyes all red why were you crying Niall ? i asked scared to hear the answer i thought i had lost you he wisperd why would you think that i just went into shock it always happns when i get scared ohh why were u scared he asked i just didn't know what was going on  well now you do no i don't i still don't know how i got hear and why ye were here i say in a annoyed  way ok ok i will tell you  when you were on your way to the concert you were in a crash its wasnt' your fault and when we heard about it we felt bad so we came to you he told me everything that happnd well thanks for coming but what are you still  hear i am hear to take you home your mum is at work and Sean is gone to collage ohh ok  am do you know were my house is i asked hoping i would not have to tell him well i was thinking maybe you could come to my house the boys will be there and maybe we can give a little concert seen as you missed out o my god Niall that sounds amazing i would love to good then that's sorted you are coming home with me he sounded excited when we checked out there were flashing lights everywhere grate niall said now the papas have found us Niall looked me straight in the eye and said whatever you do dont talk to them he grabbed my hand and we left questions flying at me from all directions niall is this your girlfriend ? is she pregnant ? that one hurt i didnt' think i was that fat when we got into niall range rover he asked was i ok i just said yes we drove to a big house the car ride was quite the car stopped and niall came over and opend the car door for me when i got out we went up the steps to a door niall unlocked it and i steped in SURPRIZE  everyone shouted by everyone i mean just the boys and their girlfriends i got such a stock next thing i know it i am surrounded but 8 people we had a big group hug i got to know everyone me and El got on really well her and louis were so cute together perrie was so sweet so was dani but there was something with me and el that just clicked 


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