you are my one and only

17 year old hannah get hit by a car when going to a one direction concert when she wakes up she is surrounded by 5 faces who are but the one and only ONE DIRECTION what happens when she falls in love with a cute irsh boy will her love her back ? will her mental dad come back to find her ? and will her ex boyfriend matt want her back ? what will happen to her and niall ? read to find out


3. crash

I ended my phone call with Kate tears streaming down my face mum i shout out yes hunny she says back please can you come up hear ok dear i heard footsteps coming up the stairs the door pushes open and in comes mum and Sean o my god darling whats wrong its that bitch Kate she is in Ireland now i have to go on my own to the concert i say in just a wisper no you don.t i will go with you she try's to came me down haha god no mom i will go myself i laugh haha ok well do u still want me to drive she asks sweetly no no its ok i will i say ok well you should go get ready ok i will be down soon a few minutes later the door slams and footsteps are going down the stairs i get up out of bed and but on the outfit Kate and i  had  picked out a couple of weeks ago it was a black tight dress with purple high tops and a purple belt i put on a bit of make-up not much just a tad i went down stairs and got the tickets i said bye to mum and Sean and left i sat in the car and looked for the keys forgot something a voice called out haha ohh ya thanks Sean he handed me the keys and went into the house i started the car and i was stuck behind a truck grate i will be late i thought when the traffic started moving the truck stared slowing down next this i know bang bright lights came at me next thing i know its gone dark 

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