you are my one and only

17 year old hannah get hit by a car when going to a one direction concert when she wakes up she is surrounded by 5 faces who are but the one and only ONE DIRECTION what happens when she falls in love with a cute irsh boy will her love her back ? will her mental dad come back to find her ? and will her ex boyfriend matt want her back ? what will happen to her and niall ? read to find out


2. a bad phone call

Hannah P.O.V 

I  woke up to the sound of my mum singing one direction little things i thought her so well i finally got up out of my bed and went to the bathroom turnd on the shower stripped down and and stepped in i let the hot water run down  my body i spent at least 20 minutes in there i put a towel around me and went into my bedroom i found a really nice outfit it was a pair of high wasted shorts a flower top and high top shoes i waked down stairs and my mom had made me pancakes my favorite Hannah what time do you want me to drop you off at the concert ?? my mother asked me omg mom i totally forgot about the concert i gotta go call Kate i said as i was running up the stairs i tripd and fell luckly Sean saved me just in time thanks bro i shouted as i ran off i got my phone and called Kate '' hey babe are you  already for tonight '' i asked  omg Hannah hunny i totally forgot i am on my way to the airport i am going back to Ireland she said WHAT how the fuck could you for get about a one direction concert to dope i shouted at her don,t call me a dope just coz u love Niall well guess what he will never love you back ou are such a bitch she scremed  at me i just hung up the phone she is right niall will never love me i guess i am going on my own . 



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