you are my one and only

17 year old hannah get hit by a car when going to a one direction concert when she wakes up she is surrounded by 5 faces who are but the one and only ONE DIRECTION what happens when she falls in love with a cute irsh boy will her love her back ? will her mental dad come back to find her ? and will her ex boyfriend matt want her back ? what will happen to her and niall ? read to find out


4. 5 faces around me


that was amazing harry shouted aww Harry did you see anyone you like Louis asked haha no anyone in the front row looked about 11 or 12 he laughed hey guys you are never going to guess what happened a girl that was on her way to our concert got into a really bad car crash she is not dead but she is kinda hurt Zayn said what o my god maybe we should go see her i said aww  Niall thats so nice of you to think that Louis said slightly laughing Louie its not funny that girl could of been killed going to our concert i shouted sorry i just dont think we should go but if you really want to then fine lets go Louis its 10 a clock we would't be aloud in we should go tomorrow Liam said then i guess we are going to see what is her name Zayn ? its says on twitter that it is Hannah brown ok well i should be going to get some rest bye guys i said as we all went our different  ways 

Hannahs P.O.V 

my head is so sore i can hear voices around me but i cant see anyone ohh ya maybe if i open my eyes god Hannah think i slowly open'd my eyes and 5 faces were around me i think she is waking up a Irish voice said who are ye i asked slowly not sure if i should open my eyes fully or not hi i'm niall the Irish one said wait are you Niall horan by any chance haha they all laughed i opened my eyes fully and they they were all i couldn't believe it one direction were standing right in front of me is this a dream i manged to say no love its real we are one direction harry said wait why are ye hear and why am i in the hospital i asked all these questions go around my head next thing i know its gone black again . (hope ye like it so far sorry i didn't mean for Louis to be mean i love Louis i really do and he wont be mean in any other bit of this story thanks xxbeccaxx ) 


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