Out Of Focus

How To: Screw Up Your Life

1.Talk with the boy next door.
2. Have that boy be named Marcus Butler.
3. Eventually have Marcus become your best friend.
4. Fall in love with your best friend.

If I could write a book, it would most definitely be something along those lines.

Hi, my name is Teagan Hart, I'm 21, and this is the story of how once upon a time, I used to be happy.

Used to be.


2. Movies & Memories

•Chapter 2•

"Oh my gosh, we were so clumsy..." I laughed as the video of me and Marcus running around the garden finished. We were younger, I was 8 and Marcus 9. That was the day I gave him the bracelet. Absently, I fingered the strings around my wrist, a faint smile on my face. Speaking of Marcus, I was seated right beside him on the couch at my house. Mum was out as usual, so we decided to pass the time by watching old videos.

"You still are." he teased, playfully nudging my shoulder. I laughed and smacked his arm, rolling my eyes playfully. A small strand of hair fell in front of my green eyes and I easily brushed it away.

"Shut up. Last I remember, I wasn't the one who fell down the stairs." I retorted. Funny story actually. When Marcus got here this afternoon after school, he had gone upstairs to use the toilets, and then on the way down fell down the last few steps.

"That was one time." he scoffed.

"Uh huh, just give it a few days."

I laughed and got up, switching off the DVD player. We had grown up a lot since then, being 17. Well, Marcus was 18, but whatever. He didn't always act like it.

"I'm getting food!" I called, scampering over to the kitchen and straight to the cupboards, rummaging for food. Footsteps behind me signalled my buddy followed, the little bugger.

"Why yes Teagan, I would love some food, thanks for asking." Marcus sarcastically spoke. Another roll of my eyes.

"Nobody asked you."

"Wow Teag, I'm hurt." he gasped, placing a hand over his chest where his heart was. He was such a drama queen sometimes, but you learn to deal with it.

"Nobody likes you either."

"Ouch, low blow."

"It's just how I roll."

I finally found what I was looking for after a couple of minutes. Some crackers. Simple, yet appetizing. A delighted grin lit up my face.

"Aha, here we go!" I chirped, turning to the table and sat down in one of the stools by it. Greedily, I ripped open the package and munched on one. Well, I might as well be a good best friend and give one to Marcus... I turned the pack toward him and he gave me a disgusted look.

"I don't want any of your filthy crackers." he spat. sitting down with a pout. I arched an eyebrow, eyeing him in an odd manner. The simplest twitch of his lip gave away his horrible acting.

This is the thing about us. We knew each other so well, to the point that the slightest physical movement made it easy to read each other like an open book. Sometimes, I even felt that I could tell what he was feeling. Weird, I know, but he was basically my brother so what can you say?

Marcus' eyes flickered from my hard stare to the crackers. I was trying to get him to give in, and he was trying to fight it. I guess neither of us tried very hard, because he broke and sighed, reaching for one of the crunchy snacks. I grinned and fist pumped the air.

"Yesss! I win. Loser. Ha." I teased poking my tongue out at him energetically. He just laughed.

"No, I just wanted a cracker." he protested.

"No, you're just a weak little boy." I snickered.

Marcus rolled his eyes with a smile, lifting his hand to his head and running his fingers through his hair, pulling it up in its messy style. But it suited him well, so it wasn't all too messy. A styled messy. A good messy. "Shut up, I'm stronger than you." he mumbled, smirking at me.

I arched a brow and chuckled. "Oh really? Prove it Butler." I challenged, standing up. He stood up as well and stared at me, a mischievous look in his eye. Almost immediately, I regretted my decision.

"You asked for it." he pointed out, smiling. Then, he grabbed me by my waist, threw me over his shoulder, and ran into the living room, laughing like a maniac. At his sudden attack, I burst out laughing, a startled shriek escaping my lips. He just loved messing around with me, hm? Well, that's probably why we're best friends.

I continued to laugh, smacking his back repeatedly, begging to be put down. "Marcus! Let me go!" I giggled.

He didn't say anything and just scampered over to the living room again and sighed, flopping back on the couch and squishing me in the process. Real mature. The soft and sneaky smile that curled his lips upward made me roll me eyes in which he laughed. "Y'know." he said, letting go of me and flipping over so he was basically lying on me. "Your eyes are gonna get stuck like that." Then, he poked my cheek teasingly.

I lightly and playfully pushed him. "That's a risk I'll take." I chuckled before wriggling out from under him. Honestly, he weighed a ton, but not in a bad way.

"Lets go to the mall." Marcus blurted, out of the blue.

"Why the mall?"

"Because, I'm feeling spontaneous. Plus, I don't want to stay here having you harass me all day."

I gasped and smacked his arm. "I'm not the one harassing you! You were harassing me!" I protested.

Marcus arched a brow, crossing his arms and tipping his head to the side, as if saying 'really'. I smirked and mimicked his stance. The boy just laughed and shook his head.

"You're hopeless Teagan."

"I try. Just for you."

With that, he just laughed, grabbed my keys off the counter, and we headed out to my car. Basically, it looked like he was driving. Well, way to give me a chance to drive my own car. Then, after a few minutes of getting settled, grabbing my phone and money, we set off.




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