Out Of Focus

How To: Screw Up Your Life

1.Talk with the boy next door.
2. Have that boy be named Marcus Butler.
3. Eventually have Marcus become your best friend.
4. Fall in love with your best friend.

If I could write a book, it would most definitely be something along those lines.

Hi, my name is Teagan Hart, I'm 21, and this is the story of how once upon a time, I used to be happy.

Used to be.


3. Malls & Mayhem

•Chapter 3•

"Holy shit! You're gonna kill me!"

The booming laughter of Marcus ran through the market, along with the rusty clink-clank of the trolley's wheels. On the way to the mall, Marcus had decided we should stop by to 'grab the basic necessities of life'. In other words, he wanted me to buy him candy. Shocker, right?

But, since I refused, he had decided it was the best idea to hold me hostage in a trolley and run around the market like a mad man while my life flashed before my eyes.

"Live a little Teag!" he scolded with a snicker.

I glared threateningly at him and then shrieked, curling back up in a ball at the bottom of the trolley in order to keep myself from flying out when Marcus took a sudden turn down another aisle. I think he's purposely going down every freaking isle despite the fact I was gonna kill him when I got out of this death trap.

"I'm not going to be able to 'live a little' if I'm dead!" I snapped. This comment just seemed to amuse him, making him laugh more.

"You're such a drama queen."

"It's not 'drama' it's reality."

At the sound of my dead serous tone of voice, Marcus made a big deal of groaning and coming to a stop. The boy flashed me a pout and trudged over to to put the empty trolley away after I climbed out, shoulders slumping over in defeat.

I snickered and crossed my arms, arching a brow. "Who's the drama queen now?" I shot at him with a chuckle.

"King." Marcus corrected me, pointing at me accusingly. I simply pretended to think and shook my head, turning my eyes back to him.

"No no, definitely a queen."

And with that simply sassy remark, I was lifted off my feet again and thrown over a muscular shoulder. If I've learned anything at all with Marcus, it was to not complain. Though, I did it often just in spite of him, it just fueled his fire. Yippee.

• • •

After another kidnapping session, we finally reached the mall. Good, I didn't think we would ever make it here.

"Hey Teagan?" Marcus asked me, unusually calm.

I looked at him skeptically, searching his eyes for any scraps of mischief. Nope, nothing.

"Yeah?" I responded, pivoting on my heel in order to look at him while I spoke, therefore resulting in me walking backwards; a skill I have, nor will ever master.

That devious smile I was looking for suddenly broke across his face. Good Lord.

"I bet I can beat you to Top Shop!" he said, suddenly sprinting off.

"No fair! You got a head start! Marcus freaking Butler!" I cried, dashing off after him. Being smaller and lighter than him, I easily caught up, though struggled to keep the pace since his legs were longer. I giggled and rammed my shoulder into his roughly when we reached the escalators, squeezing in front of him and racing up the steps, tripping up a couple times. I could hear his amused laughter behind me as I did, and so that was my designated time to flip him the finger, resulting in more laughter.

"You're not very scary Teagan. Quit trying." a voice whispered in my ear, causing me to curse. He had snuck up on me, and lightly pushed me back, hard enough for me to stumble but quickly regain my footing.

"Cheater." I muttered beneath my breath, picking up the pace. But, of course, Marcus had sprinted past the two stores that led up to Top Shop, leaving me to lose.

"Victory!" Marcus cheered with laughter, completely out of breath. Though, he still fist pumped the air. I simply pouted and grabbed his hand, towing him off inside, leaving him chucking.

I wove my way through racks of shirts, stopping on one and picked out a cute shirt. It was a peachy colour, sheer, and loose. It was sleeveless with a colloar that was lined with golden studs. It buttoned in the front with those exact gold studs. I grinned and held it up to my torso, looking to my friend for advice. "What do you think? Does it scream 'Teagan! Buy me!'." I asked curiously.

"Nah, I'm thinking the teal." a voice behind me said, which clearly wasn't Marcus. I spun around, clearly surprised.

"Caspar!" I squeaked, grabbing the blonde boy in my arms and squeezed him in a hug. I met Caspar through Marcus, who met him through a close friend of his; Alfie Deyes. The South African lad was another close friend of mine.

"Hi Tater." he chuckled, hugging me back softly whilst using the nickname he gave me. Apparently, being a smaller framed girl, and standing next to him I was insanely small, since he was insanely tall. Plus, I had an odd obsession with tater tots back then.

"I though you were visiting your mum?" I asked skeptically.  

"Yeah, but I got back in yesterday. Alfie dragged me out to 'socialize'." he responded, air quoting the last words. That made me laugh. I felt a hand on my wrist, tugging me away from Caspar.

Marcus chuckled, "Whoa there Caspar. Back off of my best friend. You've been back for one day." he teased the South African boy. In the meantime, Caspar shot us a cheeky grin and shrugged.

"Well, they don't call me a slut for nothing." he joked, flashing me an over exaggerated wink in which I returned. Insider. You wouldn't get it.

Suddenly, a thought hit me. "Wait, you said you came with Alfie? Where's he?" I asked, perking up at the sound of another friend. As you may know, I'm a rather social person. There's no denying that.

"Caspar Lee! Don't make me buy one of this kiddy leashes!" a familiar voice called, no doubt Alfie. To prove my point, a head of dark hair came visible from around the corner. Once again, I was proven the short one. He was massive like Caspar.

"One of those little monkey ones? Mate, that would be sick!" Caspar laughed, which caused Alfie to burst out in a fit of his contagious laughter, which made me and Marcus laugh as well.

Marcus spoke up, walking over to stand beside Caspar. "No need to worry Alfie. We kept an eye on him." he teased, giving Casper one of those playful shoulder punches.

I will never understand why people do that in a friendly way.

I tucked the top back away on the rack, turning back to the three boys. I felt so little, I didn't like it. Although, that's usually how it is. Nah, who am I kidding, that's how it always is.

Alfie ran his fingers through his hair, leaning up against the pillar that was beside him. "Well, if we're all here, should we all go grab lunch?" he suggested.

The other three of us looked at each other before shrugging. "Food sounds nice. I enjoy food." I said with a determined nod before walking past them, not waiting for other responses. Yes, I was hungry.

And you don't argue with a hungry Teagan.





Hiiiiii, kind of just a filler chapter, I'm not too happy with it. But oh well, some more fun/drama stuff is coming up soon! Give me some feedback, or predictions on what you think is going to happen later!

So, comment, fan, like, etc etc etc!

-Jess xx

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