Out Of Focus

How To: Screw Up Your Life

1.Talk with the boy next door.
2. Have that boy be named Marcus Butler.
3. Eventually have Marcus become your best friend.
4. Fall in love with your best friend.

If I could write a book, it would most definitely be something along those lines.

Hi, my name is Teagan Hart, I'm 21, and this is the story of how once upon a time, I used to be happy.

Used to be.


4. Food & Fun

•Chapter 4•

"Hurry up you three! Don't you know to never keep a girl waiting!" I called, impatiently tapping my TOM clad foot against the tiled ground. Marcus, Caspar, and Alfie were currently making there way toward the entrance to a cute little diner we had found down the road, no doubt as slow as possible. Or, at least it felt like it. 

We had all decided -after boundless bugging from none other then moi- to ditch the mall after stopping by MAC, myself dragging Marcus through the beauty shop while the other boys explored the kiddy playground. Typical. They found chaotic children the most amusing things ever. 

Alfie simply laughed and threw his arm over my shoulder, practically leaning his whole weight on my shoulders. "Calm down, love. You'll get your food eventually." He chuckled with that dorky smile of his. I couldn't help but laugh, he could always lighten the mood.

"Yeah Teagan. Chill." Marcus bluntly stated with a smirk, playfully bumping his shoulder into mine as he brushed past us along with Caspar to the double doors leading into the restaurant. I rolled me eyes and followed suit beside Alfie- the nice one. 

Okay, the wanted to be that way? Fine, I could play dirty. A mischievous smirk begun to crawl it's way across my lips, but I forced it back after slipping away from the boys and toward a waiter as they got a booth near a window. 

And a rather... different... older woman sitting a few booths down by herself. 

This lady was going all out. I mean seriously. She was so tan she looked like a shriveled piece of bacon, wore more makeup than I've owned in a lifetime -including sparkly teal eyeshadow- , too tight of an orange tube top that I don't think they even sell in teen sizes, and some black workout pants. And the best part? Her hair was a bright orange, which went perfectly with her pink leg warmers. 

You find the most interesting people sometimes, let me tell you.

As I approached the waiter, I made sure to peek over my shoulder to make sure the boys weren't looking. And, just to be safe, I stood behind a plant. 

"Excuse me? Hi, sorry to bother you, but could you please do me a favor?" I asked sweetly, though the evil glint no doubt shining in my eyes clearly gave away the fact I was up to something.

Got that right buddy.

• • •

A couple of minutes later, I slipped into the cherry red booth beside Caspar and looked straight to the menu, a small smile on my face. The boys all exchanged a wary glance, they knew what I was capable of. 

"What have you done?" Marcus questioned accusingly, narrowing his eyes as I peered down at the menu. Ever so innocently, I turned my gaze up to him. 

"What? Nothing." I told him.

Marcus didn't press on. He just shot me one last questioning look and looked back down. We had all gotten our drinks, Alfie a simple Pepsi, Caspar a Pepsi, and Marcus and I a glass of water.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the waiter coming with a frothy pink drink with an umbrella stuck in the side. 

Straight to their table.

"Here you go, sir." The waiter said with a smile, sliding the glass to a confused looking Marcus. 

After looking from the glass to the waiter a few times as I suppressed my laughter by burying my face in the menu, he said, "I'm sorry, but I didn't order this." Then, Marcus lifted the chilled drink from the table to the waiter, who set it back down.

"I know, but she did."

And then the person the waiter, who's name tag read 'Will' nodded to the elderly lady. 

Okay I lost it there.

The way all three of their eyes widened and instantly turned to the clueless lady was priceless. Will then shot me a smirk that thankfully nobody noticed before walking away. Alfie seemed to understand, and being the cheeky lad he was went along with it, laughing. 

To top it off, I tore off a strip of the napkin, grabbed a pen from my hand bag, and wrote down my number so he would understand the prank with a little 'xoxo' and pressed my freshly glossed lips to it before handing it to Alfie, gesturing for him to give it to Marcus. Caspar noticed this and smiled, snatching it from Alfie's grasp.

"Oh, Marcus, you seem to have yourself a little admirer." The blonde boy chuckled, handing the slip of paper utterly terrified looking Marcus. He kept glancing at the lady, which made a new set a laughter roll off my tongue. Poor boy.

"What?" He asked, snatching the napkin from Caspar. His eyes scanned it and then his features seemed to relax. Then, he crumpled the paper up and tossed it at me. Okay, he got it. 

I burst out into a fit of laughter as he laughed as well. 

"You scared the shit out of me you little idiot!" Marcus laughed, causing me to throw my arms up to deflect the wad of paper. It bounced right off and I poked my head out with a smile, sticking my tongue out at him ever so childishly. 

"Good. You deserve it." I huffed, crossing my arms defiantly, though my cheeks were still a pinch rosy from laughing so much. 

Marcus rolled his eyes at my behavior, though he smiled. 

"Shut up."

• • •

After lunch, we had all gone to the park and screwed around with some pigeons for a bit, no doubt being some kind of illegal public disturbance. I don't know. Then, we headed back to the town square and shopped even more.

Me, being the little fashionista I am, got an adorable pencil skirt that was black with white and orange Aztec prints on it. Also, I tossed my money out the window for a new handbag, which the boys thought was stupid but hey: what do they know about being a girl? We need these things, right?

So, that all lead up to where we were now. We were all spread around Alfie and Caspar's living room after retreating back to their shared house. Roomies. 

"So, what are we gonna do?" I asked from my spot on the floor, just casually spread out across the rug between the coffee table and sofa. In the meantime? All of the other boys were either sitting on a couch, or sitting in a recliner. I was just the odd one.


This time, Caspar spoke up with a simple shrug. "What about just staying in for a movie night or something?" He suggested. Sounded good to me truthfully, I loved movies. They were so relaxing. 

I shrugged, shifting my position so I sat up, my back leaning lazily against Alfie's legs. He was just slouching in the reclining chair, munching away on a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. "I'm down." I agreed with a nod.

"Me too." Marcus piped in from his spot on the other end of the couch. 

Alfie simply shrugged, silently agreeing. 

"Then it's settled. Movie night it is. What do you want to sta-"

"Perks Of Being A Wallflower!" I cried, shooting to my feet and dashing to the movie shelf. No way was I going to be stuck watching some kinky film or a freaking horror that would give me nightmares within nightmares. The three groaned, but knew not to mess with my wonderful choice. Good idea boys.

I rummaged through each am every film until I found the familiar green box. I popped open the DVD followed by the player and large TV, and then turned off the lights for the full movie theatre effect. Then, I settled down on the couch between Caspar and Marcus. I pulled my knees up to my chest and then wrapped my arms around my legs. Finally, I let loose a satisfied sigh as the movie started and rested my chin atop my knees. 

Everybody began settled down, relaxing as they got engrossed in the film. What can I say? It's impossible to avoid getting caught in the twisting, turning story. 

Hi guys!

I hoped you liked this chapter. It was kind of just there to lead up to the good stuff. I promise you, the next chapter will be starting some... stuff. I'm not gonna tell you what though (: 

Random: GUYS! I LEARNED HOW TO SURF TODAY! I suck, but I still learned. Fortunately, there were no hot beach guys around to witness my epic failures I including face planting in the water. Phew. BUT I STOOD UP FOR TWO SECONDS AND ITS MY FIRST DAY! :D YAY! Any tips? :3 

Leave any predictions, constructive criticism, or feedback! Thanks! Love yoooou!

So comment, fan, like, etc etc etc!!!

-le Jess xxx

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