Out Of Focus

How To: Screw Up Your Life

1.Talk with the boy next door.
2. Have that boy be named Marcus Butler.
3. Eventually have Marcus become your best friend.
4. Fall in love with your best friend.

If I could write a book, it would most definitely be something along those lines.

Hi, my name is Teagan Hart, I'm 21, and this is the story of how once upon a time, I used to be happy.

Used to be.


1. Before The Beginning

•Chapter 1•

"Marcus! Let me go!" a little girl's voice shrieked, the faint melody of giggles laced throughout it.

"No way!" the boy, a young Marcus Butler, snickered, his hands locking the small brunettes wrists behind her back. In a struggle, the girl wriggled around, letting out soft and annoyed huffs of frustration.

She finally just gave up and sat still, letting her body go limp, like a little rag doll. "Let me go now Marcus, or I'll tell my mum!" she threatened, craning her neck around to glance at the boy of her age from the sides of her eyes. This seemed to faze the playful lad.

"You wouldn't dare, Teagan."

"Watch me."

After a moment of hesitation, Marcus let go of the smaller girl, Teagan. In that split second of release, she had shot to her feet, her small 8 year old body bouncing up and down.

"Ha!" she chirped and then spun around giggling. A second later, she took off running. Marcus gasped and smirked, chasing after her.

"You can't catch me, Marc!" she laughed, looking over her shoulder. Seeing as Marcus was easily gaining speed and closing the gap between them, Teagan bit her lip and took a sharp turn into the garden, trying her best not to crush any of her mothers precious daisies and orchids.

But, for a moment, she looked back, seeing her fellow neighbor follow her. They were boisterous children, full of energy like any other 8 year olds, or in Marcus' case, he was 9.Teagan snickered and poked her tongue out any Marcus. He simply rolled his eyes and sped up, weaving through the plants.

He couldn't catch Teagan! He may be older, but not by much, so therefore, in her mind, he couldn't be much faster. She'd just have to outsmart him! Teagan turned her soft green eyes back in front of her, but not before her foot got caught on a root. She shrieked and flew forward in the mulch, landing sprawled out on the ground beside a stone birdbath her mother had bought a few days ago. She claimed, 'it was spring, so they needed to make it seem like it'.

"Teagan! Are you okay?!" a panicked voice asked, pounding footsteps coming to a halt beside her.

Teagan looked up, tears brewing in her eyes. She had a few cuts and bruises, and here ankle throbbed. No way was she going to cry in front of Marcus. No way!

"Y-Yeah..." she choked out, blinking a few times. Then, she climbed up to her feet, wincing a bit at the pressure on her right ankle. She looked down and frowned, seeing as she had uprooted a light purple orchid. A look of horror flashed across her face and she turned to Marcus.

"We have to fix it! Mummy is going to be angry!" she squeaked and dropped to her knees. Marcus came to her side in an instant, mimicking her actions of clawing at the soil and, mulch mixture, desperately attempting to replant it.

Though, the sound of a door opening caused them both to freeze in the midst of their actions.

"Marcus? Teagan? What are you doing out there?"

And of course they would get caught. Teagan got caught for practically every little thing she did wrong. What she learned from those past experiences, if anything, was to just go with the flow.

"Um... I may have tripped and ripped up one of the flowers..." she squeaked, her voice small and vulnerable. In the meantime, Marcus sat there, nervous and awkward. He was an awkward kid, what can you say?

Teagan looked up, meeting eyes with her mother, Victoria Hart. She seemed frustrated and annoyed, a heavy sigh escaped her as she lifted her fingers to her temple.

"Alright, both of you inside. Now." she tiredly, yet sternly instructed. Neither of them hesitated to scramble to their feet and scurry back inside, squeezing by Teagan's mum.

This was a way of life for the two of them, Marcus and Teagan. They underwent everything with each other; punishments, adventures, mischief. They were truly the definition of best friends.

Teagan had moved next door to the boy when she was 3, having moved from Santa Monica, California. Of course, she has remembered nothing but England. She has remembered having no other best friends other than Marcus.

Her mother was a hard working single mum, her father having left them when she was an infant. It really helped her growing up without knowing him, it made it easier to cope with the fact she didn't have a fatherly figure around. Though, reality did hit her sometimes, and even for a child, she wondered why he left. Anyway, Teagan's mother worked at the local diner during the afternoons, and after that, she always stayed out late. Honestly, she wasn't sure why, but just went with it. Teagan usually just went to Marcus' house anyway to wait for Victoria to come home.

"Do you think she'll be upset?" Marcus squeaked, looking rather worried.

Teagan snorted and crossed her arms. "No. She'll probably forget or just plant another." she replied diligently. Marcus looked somewhat uneasy, but nodded anyway. "Come on Marcus," she groaned, carrying out the 'on'. "...you need to quit worrying so much!" she chirped with a grin and grabbed his hand, scampering to the kitchen.

She went to the counter and dug through some drawers until she found what she was looking for. She had made them a couple of friendship bracelets that Mrs. Butler had taught her. They were completely identical. Yellow, green, and purple strings all neatly braided into a thick bracelet.

Teagan turned around and smiled, handing one to Marcus.

"Here." she said.

Marcus stared at the bracelet for a moment in confusion, and then looked at her.

"What is it?"

"It's a friendship bracelet. I made it. This way, we'll be friends forever!" she sang happily, a sparkle in her emerald green eyes. When Marcus just seemed to think for a moment, she sighed and rolled her eyes.

"You're supposed to put it on your wrist." she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well... it kind of was.

"I knew that." he mumbled.

Too late. Teagan grabbed his hand and wrapped the strings around his wrist loosely, but enough so it wouldn't slide all the way off. She smiled and looked at it, admiring her work.

Marcus looked at his small wrist, turning it a few times to examine the piece of new jewelry. A small smile came on his face and he looked up at Teagan, eyes bright. "Let me do yours!" he said.

He snatched the bracelet off the counter and wrapped it around Teagan's wrist, his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration as he struggled to tie the string securely in place, But, eventually he made it work. A smile flashed across both of their faces, and they looked up at each other. Marcus grabbed Teagan's hand and lifted it up in front of bother of their faces.

"Now we'll remember we're best friends forever." she said happily.

"I would never ever forget."












Hi guys! 

I've had a new addiction... YouTube. And it just so happened that I found these YouTubers: Alfie (pointlessblogtv) Marcus (marcusbutlertv) Jack and Finn (jacksgap) Zoe (zoella) Joe (thatcherjoe) Caspar (dicasp) Joey (joeygraceffa) and SO MANY MORE! It was so hard to pick one to write about, and I almost did Alfie or Joey... but I thought y'all might like Marcus.  

I'm really praying that I will actually finish a fanfic, because I normally delete it after a while if I don't get any feedback. So, remember if you like it, to COMMENT LIKE AND YEAH ALL OF THAT FUN SHTUFF. I promise you, these ANs will get a lot more interesting. Yessssss GOODBYE CHILDREN.


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