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7. Chapter 7

Savannah's POV

When I woke up I checked the clock, it was about 9 am. It seemed a little dark so I stood up, not realizing I was wrapped up in Harry. He fell on the ground, although he almost hit his head on the table I couldn't help but laugh. "That's not funny." He groaned.

"You're right Harry." I sighed. "It's hilarious." I giggled as he unwrapped himself. He seemed to be tangled up in that thing pretty good.

"Ok, that's it." He reached to put his hand on the table, but he knocked over the popcorn bowl. It flipped and popcorn went all over him. I couldn't help but start laughing again.

He sat up, shaking his hair out, then I felt myself being pulled across the ground. "This is pay back." He was smiling down at me now.

"Harry do-" He starts to tickle my sides. "Harry stop please. I get it. Harry please." I wish I could yell at him.

"Ok, hey does it seem kinda dark in  here to you?" He sits up, stopping the tickling, finally.

"Yes, I've been trying to make it to a window, but geez, so many obstacles." I looked back at him as I got off the floor.

"Wait for me." He jumped up following me to the window. I flung open the curtain and the first thing I see is the dark gray sky. My heart sunk as I watched the rain fall, some hitting the window. As I watched a big bolt of lightning hits right near the house. I jump back and Harry grabs me. "You're fine. I promise." He whispers in my ear.

"I know." I could feel myself still a little tense, and my voice was a little shaky, but I knew that nothing could happen. "You want to hear a story you used to tell me? Maybe it'll help me chill out." I was really hoping he would say yes.

"Yes. Especially if it'll help you." As soon as he replied I smiled pulling him onto the ground with me.

"Okay. Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. She told her dad she was finally ready to get married, have a kingdom of her own. So her father sent for all the available princes, two showed ready to battle. They would meet on the battlefield, their armies as well. Whoever won would win the princesses love. All this is taking place in a kingdom called Cloudland." Harry started to laugh at that. "Shhh. You're the one who made this up remember? Let me finish." I furrowed my brows at him. I didn't like to be interrupted.

"Okay, okay. Go ahead." He said waving me on.

"As the two princes met, down on Earth it would become very cloudy. Then the battle would begin, the first swords meeting, us humans seeing it as lightning. The thunder was the sound of their many bodies hitting the ground. Soon the storms would move away, which means the battle was won. But who won, that you never told me?" He clapped at my story, but really it was his. I looked out the window at the clouds, just clouds now thank goodness. I felt so much better.

"Prince Harry my princess." He kissed my hand. I felt my face turn red. I smiled to myself thinking of something to say, but he beat me to it. "Happily Ever After." Hearing him say that took me back to his old room.

I closed my eyes and I could see us, Harry telling the story with so much excitement. We sat by the window like we were now. The story would end, the storms would be gone, and now I feel so much better. Our moms come running in, a sigh of relief escape them.

"There you are." My mom says. They walk over to us.

"We should've known." Anne says. We giggle at them, they're soaking wet.

"I guess I'll see you later Harry." I stood up, waving as we walked away.

"Bye." He waved. Anne sitting with him now waving too.

"Everything alright?" I opened my eyes to the sound of Harry's voice. I realized I had started crying.

"I was just remembering something. It's crazy because I remember it like it was yesterday." I wiped my eyes before the tears could fall.

"I don't like seeing you upset, let's go do something happy." He helped me up.

"Like what?" I was a little aggravate. What was there to do?

"We can bake. Some delicious brownies." You know that wasn't a bad idea. I could go for some brownies right now.

"Okay. Brownies it is."


Sooner or later the brownies were done, we both enjoyed one and decided to save the rest for later. I really wanted to go outside, it wasn't raining or anything still so I decided I would. I stepped in the sand, it felt so good that I just fell over into it.

"You're gonna have sand all over you." I heard from above me. I opened my eyes to see Harry.

"I don't even care." I shook my head at him.

"Okay." He shrugged then fell next to me. We lied there in silence, staring up at the dark clouds rolling over us. I felt a drop, and another, and another. I sighed then it was just a down pour. I didn't move though, who cares it's just water? Harry didn't seem like he wanted to move either.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry sat up, so I did.

"Of course." I said like he was stupid.

"Who do you think you'll marry?" Why does he want to know this?

"Well, honestly Harry, I don't know. Why?" I looked at him, but I doubt he could see me through the rain.

"I'm just curious. I want you to be happy and be yourself. Like how you are with me."

"Well I hope the guy I marry isn't like you." I realized I should have worded it different, only after it was too late.

"Okay, thanks." I rolled my eyes. He knew what I meant.

"I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just that, it's different between us." I fiddled with wet sand, hoping he'd drop it.

"What if we got married?" He asked out of nowhere.

"Whoa Harry. Are you feeling okay?" I felt his head, no fever.

"I'm feeling fine." He laughed. "It's always a possibility." He raised his eyebrows at me.

"It is? I don't see anything between us." I motioned to the space between us, Harry grabbed my hand as it came close to him. He held it close to him with both of his. Why was he acting so weird?

"Nothing?" He asked. I really wish I could see his face right this second.

"Nothing... other than our friendship. That is everything to me." I had to shout as the rain grew harder.

"Me too. Maybe we should go in." Harry suggested, then let go of my hand.

"Why?" I looked around, but didn't see any reason. Then I hear the thunder. I jumped up and ran into the house. I screamed back at Harry, he was just now standing up.

"I'm coming, calm down." He shouted at me. He ran in and I slammed the door shut and locked it. My back to the door, I slid down it and sat on the floor.

"That was close." I sighed.

"What are you talking about? Nothing is out there." Harry giggled at me. I didn't reply, I was too nervous. "Maybe you want to hear a story?" He sat on the floor next to me.

"I'm not five." I teased with him, but I smiled.

"Young at heart love." His bright green eyes lit up even more with his smile. I became paralyzed. I've never seen him look like this before.

"Okay, fine. One story." I held up one finger. He nodded. I saw the lightning from the corner of my eye, I was just waiting for the thunder now. I became really tense as I stared at the window across the room.

"Look at me." I turned my head to look at Harry. "Don't -" the thunder cut him off. I plugged my ears, but it didn't help much. I felt my ears open again. "What I was trying to say was don't pay attention to the storm, pay attention to me." I nodded, but I didn't know how well I'd listen.

I got caught in his eyes again, watching them as he moved and talked and blinked. It made me think, I've never been so captivated by his eyes before. Then I got lost thinking about everything Harry has done for me. When my parents would fight I would walk right next door and Harry would make me smile and watch a funny movie or play a game. That was always his thing, let's play a game, and it worked. When I was bullied and sat alone at lunch Harry stood up for me, and he'd sit with me. We would laugh really loud about nothing just to make the people mad. When my parents moved to Hawaii, I was in high school and there was no way I was leaving. They were insisting, they weren't leaving me. Then Anne and Harry asked if I could stay with them. They ignored it until last minute. Harry got down on his hands and knees at the airport and begged and they still said no. He hugged me one last time, so tight I couldn't breathe and he actually started to tear up a little. He was walking his way, we were walking ours, but then he yells at us and we turn around. "I know she's your daughter and you want to keep her safe, what if I promise to do that? She is my best friend I can't bare to see her leave so I promise you that if you let her stay with us that I will protect her. I will take care of her until she decides she's ready to take of herself. I know I can do it, you know I can do it. You just have to say yes and give me the chance. Please? I can't live without her in my life. What am I supposed to do if she goest lol the way to Hawaii?" With that they said yes, and now he's been here through everything. All the shopping, flying to see my parents, fangirling, and heartbreaks. The heartbreaks most of all. I really truly do love him. Always as my best friend, but what of I actually love love him? The thunder comes again bringing me back.

"You're fine, the storms are only gonna get worse before they get better though, come look." I heard Harry talking, but where was he? "On the sofa." I nodded to myself as I walked towards the voice.

"Oh my gosh." I saw the television screen and just walked away.


A couple hours later all the storms have passed, and actually a few ray of sun are peeking out of the clouds. "Now that the storm is gone, a prince has won. Prince Harry has killed Prince Mikey Braden Joseph Nathan Ran-" Harry stands and bows.

"Ok Harry I get it." He sat back down and we giggled a little. We just look at each other and Harry starts to lean in and I knew he was going to kiss me, I was nervous, but that's normal. Then I heard his ringtone and could feel the vibration as it ran through the couch. He looked at it, jumping straight up and running into the other room.

I shook my head in shock then decided to have another brownie. Harry walked in holding his phone. "That was my mum. She just heard from your mum we were here." He pointed at my mouth, over half a brownie sticking out as I put my hair up. I pointed at the fridge, but he walked over and took the piece hanging out of mouth. "I'm good with this one."

"Give it back." I pleaded.

"Come and get it." He walked out of the kitchen taking a bite of it. I ran after him. "Okay. I'm sorry, here." He stopped and held it out. I reached for it but he pulled back.

"Harry don't do this. it's been a long day with you, now seriously come on." I pleaded again as he held the brownie behind his back.

"The day isn't over yet love." He smirked at me. I shook my head at him, anger filling me. All I wanted was to enjoy a brownie.

"I'm asking one more time nicely. Please give me the brownie?"

He held it as high as his arm could go. "Reach it and you can have it." I crossed my arms, if this was a cartoon smoke would be coming out of my ears right now.

"You are so not my friend anymore." He lowered his arm, his face becoming confused.

"What? Why?"

"You know how I feel about my height." He muttered something under his breath then started walking towards me. I knocked the brownie out of his hand and to my surprise it landed perfectly on the table. We both jumped for it but he grabbed it first. I reached for it and he stuck the rest of it in his mouth.

I playfully shoved his face, his cheeks full of brownie. It made him look like a monkey. "Hey that's not cool."

"Aren't there more?" He asked after gulping down the brownie.

"Yes. That's what I was telling you. Why didn't you just get your own?" I rolled my eyes to myself.

"It's just a brownie." I gasped at his words and he looked at me confused.

"Just a brownie? No, no, no." Harry just giggled. "Brownies are sacred my friend." I wanted payback, but what was there? I pulled his phone out of his pocket.

"No." He extended his hand, but I wasn't going to give it to him.

"I'm just looking at your pictures." I went to click on it, he tried to pull his phone away.

"No." He was pulling on the phone, but I got it away. I stuck it in my back pocket as I still laid on the floor.

"What now?" I stuck my tongue out at him. He leaned over me, his green eyes once again captivating me.

"Give me my phone." He was really scary, but I didn't care. His eyes showed he wouldn't hurt a fly.

"And what are you going to do if I don't?" It was my turn to smirk at him. No answer, just stares. "Exactly wh-" in the middle of my sentence he decides to kiss me. He pulls me to sit up with him, stopping the kiss for a second, but then he continues it and this time I kiss back. He stops and scoots back a little.

"Sorry, I don't know why I did that." For a moment I couldn't find my words. "I'm really stu-" he continued, but I couldn't take it.

"It's okay. I kinda liked it." I lied, I really liked it, but that doesn't mean I like Harry. It just means he's a good kisser. Right?

"What?" He looked at me shocked, but happy.

"You're quite the kisser Styles."

"I've heard that before." He smiled at me.

"Exactly how many girls have you kissed?" I was already counting all the girls he "dated" in my head.

"I don't count Tiffany, it was a quick peck. So that brings me to only thirteen. And how many guys have you kissed?" His stare made this even harder to say.

"Two. I looked down as I spoke. He didn't reply, so I looked back up at him.

"Who was the other guy?" I was hoping he wouldn't ask that.

"I didn't date him, but you know him."

"Well who was it?" He moved closer to me. He'd really want to know, until he finds out.

"Louis. It was when we were at camp." I looked up at him, his jaw dropped.

"We were always together. When?" Oh great.

"It was the last night, like one in the morning. He came to my cabin, and we left the window open, so he just climbed in. He woke me up, which scared the living shit out of me, and asked if I wanted to take a walk with him because he couldn't sleep. At first I was thinking what is wrong with this child, but I would never be able to go back to sleep so I decided to go with him. You know how beautiful those trails were in the daylight, just imagine them under the moon. It was so perfect."

"But you two never dated?" He crossed his arms, leaning back on the couch.

"No." I shook my head, kinda sad about it. "We never saw him after camp so..." I remember thinking when we walked into the class the next week and he wasn't there, I was so disappointed.

"But you wanted to. You liked him." He looked me straight in the eyes so I couldn't deny it. I sighed then nodded.

"I think it would've worked out." I said, sadness filling me. I did really like Louis.

"Louis was a wild boy. He wasn't ready for a relationship, especially a girl like you." He smiled at me, maybe he was right. I cant let this get me down. We were here to enjoy ourselves.

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