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6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV

Soon everything was in and put away, we all sat down and it was quite for a few minutes. Finally I heard someone's throat clear, I looked up to see Andrea getting ready to talk. "I'm sorry. I really am." She looked so upset as she looked back and forth at the both of us. "He lied to me. He asked me if I wanted to have coffee. I know it's a terrible thing to admit, but you didn't even cross my mind. After I said yes I realized you had told me that you had something planned for that day. I called him back immediately..." She was crying now. I don't understand what's so upsetting about this, for her.

"You don't have to explain everything. It's ok, I'm really not that mad at you anymore... I just want to know why he thought it was okay to go out while we were still together." Savannah looked at the ground as she talked. I couldn't see her face, but I could tell she was still upset about the whole thing.

"He saw pictures of you sleeping at Harry's... on Harry's Instagram. I guess he thought you were che-" I heard her go silent mid-sentence so I looked up to see both of them staring at me.

"What?" I kept looking at them, still fiddling with a string I found. I noticed Savannah was shushing Andrea.

"You take pictures of me?" She looked at me confused, maybe angry. "While I sleep?" For a moment I couldn't think of anything to say. "And you put them online?" She was looking around, for my phone of course.

"Looking for this?" I pulled it out of my pocket. "If you're angry about one picture, you might not want to have a look at this." I pulled away as she went to grab it. "I just started taking the pictures recently... I don't even know why I do it." She stopped fighting me for the phone."It was just that one that I put on there. I didn't know this would happen." This whole time I was blaming Mikey for being a typical jerk, but it was my fault.

"Harry, don't even start." I looked up at Andrea. I didn't say anything, but I think she could read my facial expression. "I can see it in you already. You're blaming yourself for all this. It's not your fault." I looked into her eyes, and for the first time I believed her. Everything was interrupted by a pair of arms squeezing me.

"Don't you dare." She whispered in my ear. I nodded and she let go. "Is there anything else you wanted to say?" She looked up at Andrea, who then moved down to sit with us too.

"I was just saying I guess he thought you two were together. Why else would he do it? From what I heard you two had a great relationship. Maybe he was getting jealous of your friendship."

"He could've just asked. I mean you know we are just friends?" I wasn't paying any attention, so at first I didn't know that second part was directed at me.

"Of course." I shook my head along with my answer.

"This is bull." My eyes shot right to the blonde haired devil.

"What are you talking about?" I asked immediately. Giving her a dark look.

"Like you don't know." She returned it.

"I don't." I sat up straight, waiting for her reply. "Can you just go? You said what you had to say, just go now?"

"You're right." She stood up while grabbing her bag. "I'll go." I was expecting her voice to crack, a tear to fall, some hint of sadness, but she just smiled at me. "Bye." The door was shut gently behind her.

"What was all that about?" I ignored her. How can I answer a question I didn't even know the answer to?

Suddenly I hear 'we are just friends' in the back of mind, then it was repeating over and over again.Why does that bother me so much? We are just friends, we have been our entire lives, and that's all we'll ever be. But nothing is ever that simple. I start to think about it, her at my wedding, me at hers. Watching each others children grow up, maybe some of them could even be as close as we are. None of it felt right to me. I look over at her sitting on the sofa, and I realize it's us.

"Hello?" She snapped her fingers at me. I ignored her again. I still looked at her though. I didn't just care for her like a friend or a sister anymore... I had fallen for her, but I couldn't do anything about it. "Harry!" She smacked her hands together while screaming at me.

"What?" I yelled back at her. "I'm sorry." I pushed back my hair as it started to fall out of place.

"I just want to know what she was talking about..." Now I knew the answer, but I couldn't tell her.

"I can't answer that question." I looked at her, her soft hazel eyes looked confused.

"Why not?" She sounded a little irritated too.

"Because I don't even know."

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