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3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

Damn. I forgot to close the curtains, again. I probably would never have woke up if it wasn't for the sun right in my eyes. I felt something moving, so I looked down. Suddenly all the memories from yesterday flooded into my brain.

No wonder I'm so stiff, and everything seemed a bit taller, I slept on the floor. I tried to move without waking her up, that failed. She sat straight up as soon as I started moving, rubbed her eyes, then looked around for a second. She didn't say anything, but she stood up, walked to the sofa, plopped down, and fell back asleep.

I sat there for a moment. As I stood, I became light headed. 'We need a good breakfast.' I thought to myself.


As I was opening the door, so was she. Her face was stained with tears.

"What's happened?" I pushed into the room, kicking the door shut behind me.

"Mikey called." More tears were coming to wash away the others.

"And you answered?" She already knew it was a mistake, but my tone made her realize it even more.

"I don't know why Harry..." She went silent for a moment. "I wasn't going to, but I did at the last second."

"Let's go." I opened up the door, then turned back toward her for a moment. "And leave your phone."


Savannah was silent the whole time, trying to be mad at me, but we all know she wasn't.

"Where you heading to?" The taxi driver broke the silence.

"Not sure yet." I looked at him in the rear view mirror. "But anywhere is better than here." I added, looking back out my window.

"I heard the U.S.A. has been having a blast lately, that's just my suggestion though. I am just a taxi man after all." He started laughing. We faked a laugh with hin, but honestly, America didn't sound that bad.


"What are we going to do there Harry?" She threw her arms out. She was obviously annoyed, not because we were going, just because it was last minute.

Who wouldn't be? I was annoyed at myself. I was stressed. I wanted to go home and collapse, and we were only three hours into our day. It wasn't going like I planned it to, at all. That's because it was last minute, but I'm not screaming our problems to the whole world, literally. We are in an airport.

"When you chill out we will talk about things, how's that?"

"How about no? I don't want to discuss this. I don't understand what you're doing, why you care. I just want to go home and sleep and cry and eat." She slumped down in her seat, threw her head into her hands.

"Everything is going to be okay. Just trust me, we're best friends remember? I know what I'm doing here." She shook her head, I mentally wiped the sweat from my forehead. Then I gave her a hug, before going to buy two tickets to the U.S.


"Where are we going to stay Harry?" She had her arms crossed, tapping her foot on the floor, looking at me.

"Well, I don't know." I shrugged. I thought it don't really matter as long as we were out of there. We'd figure it out right?

"You can't just jump into something smart guy..." It went silent. I didn't know what else to say. "My grandparents own a beach house." She turned we head from the window toward me.

"Are you shitting me right now?"

"I thought you remembered..." She rolled her head back the other way. "I was waiting for you to ask about it."

"I've been there?" I sat straight up, she nodded. "When?"

"I was five, which means you were seven, the last time. You asked me to marry you." She smiled at me. "I can't believe you don't remember that."

"Me either." I started to wonder if they would even let us stay there, it's like she can read my mind.

"If we visit them first I can ask with a definite yes." Her head fell into my shoulder. "Unless you have a better plan?"

"I had no plan." I started moving my hands through her hair. It was just instinct by now.

"Didn't think so."


"New York. I'm home baby." She screamed as we ran out of the airport.

I was confused at first, then I remembered she isn't U.K. born. New York is, or was, home, but she hasn't been here since...

"You know I haven't been here since I was a week old?" She turned to face me, this is where she was meant to be though.

I could feel it as I watched the city move behind her. Her spirit seemed to float away and move right along with it. I had never seen her like this before, so immediately I knew, this is where she's meant to be.

"Next stop Tennessee. We better get moving." She grabbed my hand, pulling me back in to board another plane.


'It is two in the morning people. Some of us have places to be.' I thought to myself, but I did want to scream it.

Half the people on the plane were asleep, including Savannah, and I think the pilot too. Sitting on a runway for nearly twelve hours was not how I planned to waste nearly twelve hours of my life.

I looked over at Savannah, still asleep in these awful chairs. How did she do it? I couldn't even get to sleep.

Cheers came from one of the other sections of the plane, then one of the flight attendants walked in with a smile.

"We've had some difficulties, but everything is up and running again. Well, except the speaker system. But despite that problem we will be leaving very soon."

Ok well we were on vacation at the beach house. That's why I'm surprised you don't remember it. We were little so it didn't really matter, but you kept telling my grandparents and parents and your parents that we were gonna get married on the beach at that house. We would have our first date there, our first kiss, we'd be back every summer and stay there." She was laughing at the story. I was just shocked. "WHAT?!" "Yeah Harry, trust me they will never forget you, and plus those adorable bright green eyes, nobody can forget those." She smiled and poked my forehead. "Well, should that make me feel good or bad?" I pushed my hair back as I started to get nervous. "Harry we were little, it's not like any of it matters now. We've grown up and we have different interest and we are only friends. My grandparents know that." Yeah only friends I thought to myself. I tried to get some sleep but those words, for some reason, really bothered me. Before I knew it, we had landed and we were in New York. We had to plan how we were gonna get to Tennessee from there and then Florida from Tennessee. Savannah called her grandparents and they said we could stay in the beach house for the rest of the summer. They also provided us with tickets to Florida, but they couldn't help us get to them. We took another plane and then a train then we had to drive a rental car. It took enough time, but we finally made it.

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