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22. Chapter 24

Savannah's POV

"He can't hurt us though? Right?" I've probably asked Harry a million questions. Everyone had gone home, we had got everything put away, but we didn't tell Louis about the letter. He was going home soon so it didn't matter to him anyways. I didn't want him to get caught up in all this. "He almost killed you and we didn't even know it was him. I think he can hurt us again if he wants to." Harry was right. That boat that almost hit me, it wasn't an accident. I thought about it more, and more, and thought why would someone try to kill someone. I thought why would they let Mikey out, who paid his bail, how he could afford a speed boat, and why one minute want me back so bad and the next minute try to kill me? It all confused me. I wanted to tell the cops since we have a restraining order, but there is no telling where he is now. It was, what seems like forever ago. I kept reading the message in my mind:

"Like the new boat? Wish I could've had a new head with it. Maybe next time."

Then down a couple lines he signed his name. He wasn't afraid, but he knew we were. I was terrified of him, now more than ever. "Harry, do you think he is going to come back again?" I had been laying on my side in the bed, so I could see his reaction I rolled on my back. I was looking up at him. He was sitting straight up. I was too afraid to sleep, even though I was so tired. I don't know what his excuse was. "You want the truth?" He looked down at me. I hadn't even noticed he was holding my hand, probably trying to make me feel better. It didn't help. No matter how great Harry was, Mikey was more terrifying. "No, because I already know it. I was just hoping I was wrong." I sat up, but didn't let go of his hand. I might have actually squeezed it tighter. "You know I don't want Louis in the middle of this. I want him to go home as soon as he was planning to." I was so worried about Louis. "I know. I'm worried about him too." It's like he was reading my mind. "What if he's safer here though? Mikey knows Louis is a big part of your life now. He could "kidnap" Louis, and use him as a bribe, or hurt him, or both, or anything." Harry had a point, but here he could get hurt too, and Harry could get hurt again too. I wish I had never agreed to go out with Mikey. I knew how he was before I dated him, but I still agreed to date him. "I'm sorry. I can't believe I drug you into this mess. Now Louis is stuck in it, and he doesn't even know. I should've never even said Hi to him." I pushed my hair back as it fell in my face. "That's my biggest regret." I looked over at Harry. He shook his head. "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault, I got myself stuck in this by bringing you here, and then falling for you. Louis just loves spending time with you. He told me himself. I do too, but you two have a different relationship than we do. I know he doesn't mind spending more time here with you, Eleanor, and maybe me just to make sure he is stay safe. At breakfast we will explain everything to him." He just pulled me into him. I didn't want them to stay, but what if Harry was right? Mikey could take them, use them to bribe me to do whatever he wanted. He would hurt them both, probably kill Harry. They were probably both safer here. After a few minutes I finally fell asleep. When I woke up Harry must have gone back to his kicking, snoring, talking, etc in his sleep phase. I was almost off the bed, and he was snoring. I started to tickle his foot, he sat straight up. "Good morning." He said jerking his other foot back. "Morning Harry." I stood up, and started to walk towards the door. "Wait, how did you get down there?" He got out of the bed. I looked at him, his hair was all over the place, I hadn't even noticed last night but he didn't have a shirt on, and as he was standing next to me I could see his eyes weren't that dark, upset green, but they were a bright, excited green. "What?" He asked, but he was looking at me the same way. "Nothing." I turned away, then smiled to myself. "I'll be right there." Since he wasn't expecting it, I easily pushed him out the door and shut it. Luckily my grandpa was smart enough to put doors with locks in. I locked it then ran into the bathroom, it was a just in case thing. I shut the door and locked it. I leaned against the door and slid down it. I just started to cry. I stood up to look in the mirror. I wiped the tears away. "It's going to be ok." I was talking to myself, out loud. My life was a wreck. I pulled back my hair, then started to brush my teeth. Once I looked like I had never been crying I went down.  "Morning beautiful." I smiled at Lou, but I didn't say anything. "What's wrong?" I looked at Harry, then at Louis. Harry looked at Louis, then at me. Then Louis looked at me, then Harry, then me again, then Harry, then me, then throws his hands in the air. "What is it?" "Louis, we need to talk." I swallowed basically everything. We all sat. "You have to stay." Harry said. No one was eating. We were all waiting to see what everyone had to say. I knew what I was going to say, so I was anxious to hear what everyone else was going to say. "Why? I mean I don't care, I will. But why?" He looked at us. "If I'm going to stay I have to know." He was to first to take a bite of his food. "It's because of one of my ex boyfriends." I said looking down at the table. "Mikey, the one who beat the hell out of Harry?" Louis looked at me with a straight face. "Yeah. He might come after you too." I looked up at him. We caught each others eyes and I thought about what Harry said last night. "I thought he got locked up?" He looked over at Harry. Then he looked back at me. "Apparently not." Harry said. "So, he left a note that really scared me last night. I don't want you in the middle of this, but I don't want you to get to hurt. We just figured the safest place for you to stay, since now he knows you mean something to me, would be here." I was playing with my food now, not looking at anyone, but I could feel their eyes burning into me. "Of course I'll stay, but we've got to get back at this Mikey dude. And we've got to go to more parties." He was talking with his mouth full. "For one, ew. For two, how? For three, I agree." I didn't want to eat, so I shoved my food away. I got comfortable in my chair, and crossed my arms. Then Harry shoved my food back at me. I looked up at him, he was finally eating. "I'm not hungry." I shoved it away again. "At least one bite." He said. I pulled it back and ate a piece of bacon. It was delicious, but I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat anymore food. Louis cleared his throat like he was about to give a speech. Little did we know he was. "Now that we all have food in our stomach, here's the plan...." 

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