This is Love || h.s.

(I'M IN THE PROCESS OF FIXING IT. So if you read and some things are out of order, or don't make sense, just come back later I should have it all fixed.)


21. Chapter 23

 Harry's POV

"You are evil." I was looking at her and Eleanor standing above us. "Both of you." They were satisfied. "How did you two even get that bucket up there?" Louis made a good point. I looked at him and then back at them. "What you don't think we can carry a bucket?" Savannah looked at us with her arms crossed. No one said anything. "I have a friend." Eleanor came clean. I was going to say something, but I decided not to. He came out, all Lou and I did was look at each other? I felt like I had some real competition going on right now. "Hi boys." He waved at us standing on the ground. "You're from the U.K?" I asked. "Somewhere around those parts yeah." He shook his head. It was silent for a few minutes. "My name is Liam by the way." He added in. "I'm Louis. That's Harry. That's Savannah, you've probably already kinda met her." Lou's voice was starting to crackle. He cleared his throat. I shattered at the idea I came up with, but I had to do something, or he'd ruin every chance he had with this girl. "Louis, why don't you take Savannah...." I didn't want to finish. "To dance. I'm sure she'd love a dance from her second best friend." I winked at her, and she was already on her way down. I nudged Louis then, he didn't even look up at me. Then he finally answered. "Anything for the birthday girl." He looked up in time to see her, just getting down to us. "Just a sec Lou." She held up a finger at him, then looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Nothing important, really." That's all she said. She kissed my lips then walked over to Lou. "So Lou...." That's all I heard before I turned around to talk to Eleanor and Liam. "Louis-" she cut me off. "I understand. I'm just going to go home now though." She was looking down at the ground. "Do you need a ride?" I offered. "No, Liam is going to take me. He's the one who brought me, but thank you." She smiled. "Tell Louis I said bye." She added as she turned around with Liam. "I will. You two be careful. See you around Liam." I waved once as I turned the opposite way from them and began to walk.

Savannah's POV

"How can you deny him?" I shrugged my shoulders. "You say no." Lou said. "Harry is so touchy feely, and lovey dovey. I try to be, but it's not me." Louis and I were now sitting in the sand. "Just tell him. He'll do whatever makes you happy." Louis looked like he was about to fall asleep. "And I'll do whatever makes him happy. You know how I am." I leaned back in the sand, I was getting tired myself. It was silent for a few minutes, so I thought he was asleep. I opened my eyes, and Louis was gone. "He went to call Eleanor." Harry's voice came from beside me. He was sitting in the sand a few feet away holding a letter. "You might wanna read this."

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